14 Mother's Day Memes That Will Make Both You & Your Mom Go "SAME"

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On May 13, we celebrate Mother's Day, but really we should acknowledge their astounding badassery more often. Moms do it all and make it look easy, and there's no better way to say thank you than with one of these 14 funny Mother's Day 2018 memes. After all she's put up with over the years, don't you think she deserves a good laugh on this day? Me too.

It's hard to appreciate everything Mom did for you, because she always seemed to do it effortlessly. In our minds, of course it was easy for her to cook dinner for three kids and a hungry partner, drive everyone to cheerleading practice and clarinet lessons and karate class every day after school even though they all started at the exact same time, keep the house spotless, give the two golden retrievers a bath every week, organize the calendar, always look put together, and maintain her own circle of friends. What, like it's hard?

In reality, though, there was so much more going on than we ever noticed: stress, sleepless nights, relationship drama, financial strain. We never knew it, though, because Mom always made sure it never affected us.

Props, Mom. You're pretty cool.

In honor of all the incredible moms and mother figures out here, here are 14 funnies that'll give us all a good chuckle.

Happy Day To ALL The Mothers

You know what they say: the more, the merrier. This year, celebrate every single momma you can think of. They work harder than most of us know.

Say Thanks With Booze

Sorry for all those gray hairs, mom. I didn't mean to stress you out for 29 years straight. Here — have a bottle of red, on me.

Catching Some Much-Needed Beauty Sleep

Mom: she's sacrificed countless hours of slumber to soothe us when we cry as babies, and catch us coming in drunk past curfew as teenagers. You deserve a year-long nap, Ma. We salute you.

Mama Bear

When your mom yells at you? Terrifying. When she gets ticked at something someone else did to you and goes into full-on Mama Bear mode? Epic.

No Excuses — It's Mother's Day

Forget all the times she's ticked you off or accidentally FaceTimed you when she was on the toilet and didn't know it until you finally pointed it out. Today is all about her.

Moms Are Superheroes Without Capes

Only a mom could pull this off. Someone get this woman a cookie, because those are some serious parenting skills. Can we talk about the impressive multitasking happening in this meme?

Mom's Favorite Kid

Shhh. It's OK. You don't have to admit it out loud. Let's spare the others' feelings.

Your Closest Facebook Friend

Let's be honest here: as long as your mom knows how to use Facebook properly and doesn't mistakenly think she's sending you a private text, just leave her alone.

Thanks For Getting Pregnant...

... But we need to talk about this. Are you saying it wasn't a stork who dropped me off, after all?

The Answer To All Of Life's Questions

Is there any question Mom can't answer? Negative. From getting something delicious to eat to having a ride to soccer practice to finding that sock that went missing three weeks ago, she's got you covered.

Licking The Beaters

This was possibly the best part of baking with mom. She always let you lick the bowl, even though she really, really wanted to. It was somehow better than the actual dessert you made.

You Eat This Or You Eat Nothing

It's a classic line from moms across the world. I'm not making two dinners. What do you think this is, a restaurant?!?!?

Truly, Every Day Is Mother's Day

The other 364 days of the year, we can sometimes forget to say just how much we love 'em. Mom, in case we don't say it later, we love you 24/7/365.

Saving The Last Slice For You

Mom knows the importance of dessert. She's more than willing to sacrifice herself so you can have the last piece of pie. Mom, you're the best.

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