How To Celebrate Mother's Day If You Can't Be With Your Mom

Having a long distance relationship with your mom is rough. I mean, it's great to be living on your own and doing this whole adulting thing in a new city, but how do you celebrate Mother's Day without your mom? Going home might not be as easy as driving 20 minutes to the house you grew up in. It probably takes a few hours — by car or plane — and it probably also costs a decent amount of cash to get there. So if you can't shell out the money to get home for Mother's Day, and then Christmas (because really, who has the money to make several trips home in a year?), you will have to celebrate the Day of Mom from a distance.

But don't worry, there are plenty of ways to show Mom some love even if you can't sit right next to her. This is 2016, after all, and seeing people in person is sooo 10 years ago. Basically anything you give her, she will love. She would probably love to see you more than anything, but she understands how real your struggle is. Here are all the ways you can honor your favorite lady from afar on Mother's Day.

1. Skype a DIY spa day

You don't need to be seated next to her in a nail salon in order to get the same amount of quality time together. Skype with her while you both give yourselves mani-pedis, wear face masks, and relax. It's the same amount of fun without any of the money spent.

2. Give her a solo spa day

She works hard, and she deserves a day away from her hectic life. If you can't be there with her, or Skype an at-home spa day, buy her a gift certificate to a spa near her and she can spend Mother's Day getting a massage and a facial. She will LOVE. IT.

3. Watch your fave show together

I was the same age as Rory Gilmore when Gilmore Girls was on, and my mom and I would watch the show together every week. Now, the whole series is online, and we can watch all of it together while Skyping or on the phone. (And yes, we're both losing our minds over the upcoming new season.) Do the same with your mom, and have a marathon of your favorite show.

4. Recreate an old childhood photo for her

An amazing and thoughtful gift would be a recreation of her favorite childhood photo of you. Or, even cooler, use a photo of her from when she was younger and copy her whole totally gorgeous look. Then give her a frame with the two side by side.

5. Plan a mother-daughter trip together

If you can't make it to see her on Mother's Day, plan a trip you can take together for a later date. You'll save more than you would on a last-minute flight to be with her on Mother's Day, and it'll give you both something to look forward to.

6. Give her a list of things she was right about

Mom loves helping you, and she also loves knowing she was right. So write a list of everything she has ever been right about, and read it off to her. Or send it in a Mother's Day card. Either way, you're honoring her motherly wisdom in a brilliant way.

7. Have a cake delivered to her

If you can't bake her a cake, or bring her one directly, have one delivered. With all the food delivery apps out there, you can probably have a delicious gourmet cake brought to her doorstep within an hour. Yay, technology!

8. Get mother-daughter tattoos

If there was ever a way to get your mom to support your interest in getting inked, it'd be this. You can get gorgeous, minimal, and tasteful matching tats, and the best part is that you'll never regret it.

9. Tell her all the reasons you admire her

Your mom is the coolest, strongest, most impressive person you know, but does she know how much she inspires you? Probably not. This is the time to tell her.

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