14 'Stranger Things' Halloween Decorations You Can Already Buy

by Megan Grant
Netflix, Etsy

Did you leave your heart in Hawkins, Indiana? This year, bring the city to you. The spooky holiday will be here before you know it, and there's no time like the present to stock up on these 14 Halloween decorations Stranger Things fans can buy online.

There's nothing this show can't do. It even made nosebleeds cool. In fact, there's an Eleven candle that bleeds out of its nose as it melts. This would normally sound disgusting and unsanitary and even concerning. Like... you OK, fam? You got something dripping down your face.

But because it's from Stranger Things, we're all for it. Seriously. Bring on the nosebleeds.

To be very clear, any day is a great day for Stranger Things home decor. But there might be no better time to go H.A.M. than Halloween. Thankfully, the internet is packed with all kinds of strange goodness, from figurines and light switches to wall art and confetti. Yes, Stranger Things confetti. Throw it everywhere and never vacuum it up.

If you're a fan of the show and really want to level up your Halloween decorations this year, you're in luck, because below are 14 Stranger Things pieces of Halloween decor that you're definitely going to want to get your hands on.


Balloon Stickers

Jazz up your ordinary party store balloons with these themed stickers. They're cute but still kind of creepy and will give your Halloween season an amazing Stranger Things vibe. Sold by TheChicBootique.


Candle Holder

Halloween calls for extra special lighting. It totally changes the ambiance. This candle holder depicts some of the most iconic scenes from what is undoubtedly one of the best shows ever created. Sold by DecoFriki.


Fondant Cake Kit

I know you were planning on grabbing something simple from the local bakery for your annual Halloween party. Instead, put on your creative pants and use this cake kit to make a flawless Stranger Things dessert. This will photograph *beautifully* for the 'gram. Sold by CakeFreak.


Table Decorations

These are around nine inches tall and double-sided, and your table has never looked better. Your Halloween decorations aren't complete without table accessories. Sold by PartyByDrake.



According to science, confetti makes life better. And Stranger Things confetti? Now we're on a totally different level. Deck your house out to the max this Halloween and sprinkle this stuff everywhere. Sold by CraftySunshineStudio.


Hawkins, Indiana Sign

This year, go the extra mile and transform your home into Hawkins, Indiana, with this Stranger Things themed sign. Your empty wall space is going to look so #extra. Sold by KingsDomainDesigns.



When it comes to your Halloween decorations this year, you can't go wrong with this themed garland. Even better if you're holding a spooky party — it makes for an excellent photo backdrop. Sold by MaterialGods.


"The Upside Down" Sign

It doesn't get more authentic than this hand-painted sign. You'll get a truly unique item that'll go perfectly with the rest of your Stranger Things Halloween decorations. Sold by ThePrintsOfPop.


LED Lamp

You've never seen anything cooler. This VHS lamp is handmade with a multi-colored LED wire inside. The lights can strobe, fade, flash, and pulse to music. Sold by MaxMediaStudio.


Canvas Painting

I bet you can already see how amazing your home is going to look this Halloween with this large-scale canvas art. Sold by PowerPaintingShop.


Light Bulb Charms

Get your DIY on and add these adorable charms all over your house. You can even add them to clothes or make jewelry out of them. Sold by PamelaRyanCharms.


Dart Figurine

This Halloween, fill your home with demogorgons. This Dart figurine is printed in black PLA plastic. Sold by Inceptualize3D.


Light Switch Cover

These hand-crafted light switches will totes take your home from drab to fab. You weren't thinking of keeping your regular light switches on this Halloween, were you? Sold by Hippiemysticstudio.



I know, I know. It's Halloween — not Christmas. Sue me. You should actually leave these ornaments up all year, because they're incredible. Don't @ me. Sold by BooBooStudios.