14 Last-Minute Unique Father’s Day 2018 Gifts That Still Seem Well Thought Out

Parks Project

If you've literally just realized that Father's Day is almost here, you're not alone. It snuck up early on us this year! (OK, not really — but I'm telling myself that to make myself feel better.) With Jun. 17 just around the corner, you're probably starting to feel a bit like a failure for forgetting, er, I mean loosing track of when Father's Day is. That said, there are tons of last-minute Father's Day gifts that are so unique and useful, your dad will think you put a lot of time and effort into your gifting process. A portable espresso maker? A lotion that has algae in it? How could you possibly have come up with such gifts last minute?! What your dad doesn't know can't hurt him. Let the man think you've been planning your gift for months. And fret not, you're not a failure — we're living in a busy age where we rarely even look at calendars, we're not though-less, we're just a little caught up in our own stuff.

Just pick one of these special gifts and make sure it gets there on time — no one needs to know just how last minute you purchased it. While you're taking a moment to be thankful for your dad, don't forget to be thankful for expedited shipping, the unsung hero of Father's Day. Here I've picked out some modern takes on the classic dad's day gifts that he will surely be tickled by. The last thing you want to do is get your dad something you've already gotten for him, that's literally the only thing worse than not getting him anything at all.

Portable Espresso Machine

Nanopresso Yellow Patrol


Not only does a portable espresso machine exist, but this one comes with a built-in cup, a brush, a scoop and a filter basket. Your dad is about to be the chicest guy around the campfire.

Streaming Device

Roku Express


If your dad is a bit behind in the tech game, teach him about that streaming life and trade in all 12 of his other remotes for this one. No human needs 12 remotes! He can watch all of his favorite shows in one place and can even rent a movie without going to Blockbuster. The future is here, pops!

Non-Dad Sunglasses

Eckford Matte Black

Wyeth Eyewear

I think we can all agree that our dads could use a fresh pair of sunnies that don't scream "I'M A DAD!" So because your dad is too humble to ever get himself the stylish pair of glasses that he deserves, make the purchase for him. And if you don't know which pair are the right vibe for him, get him a gift card so that he can figure it out himself. Dads are hip people, too.

Boozy Giftbox

Father's Day By Josh Cellars


OK, so you waited until the last minute and now it's too late to put together that gift bag you were planning on crafting. Here's a solution: get your dad a Giftagram, it's a gift box that someone else put together, for you. Included: Josh Cellars wine, grilling spices, grilling planks and a cookbook for even more grilling ideas. BOOM!

A Non-Dad Hat

Park Doodle Reversible Boonie Hat

Parks Project

If your dad is going to insist on wearing a garden hat, get him one that at least benefits the National Parks system and actually keeps his skin protected.

Portable Turn Table

Ion Audio iPTUSB Portable USB Turntable with Software and Built-in Speaker


Gift your dad a throwback that's actually high tech. If your dad's into records, he's going to love the ability to play his favorite vinyls outside. Epic BBQ tunes, here we go!

A Non-Dad Mug

Glacier Vista Enamel Mug

Get your dad a new mug that probably looks like his old favorite mug. Not only is this rustic mug super cute, but it also benefits the National Parks Project and provides free subliminal messages that will encourage him to go on more adventures.

A Beer Dispenser



If your dad is a beer snob, he's going to get really emotional over this home tap that's super easy to use and fits on the counter top. No more taking out the recycling every night, he won't go back to bottles or cans again.

A Sweet Projector

MP-CD1 Mobile Projector


Hello Future! This portable projector plugs into your devices, and you guessed it: projects images and movies in movie theater format onto flat surfaces. Perfect for presentations and parties.

Year-Round Work Gloves

4-Season Hand-Branded Leather Gloves by Give'r


These leather babies are 100 percent water proof and perfect for garden work, car work, cold winter days, and everything else you could imagine wanting high quality hand protection for.

A Classic Bathrobe

Classic Bathrobe

Parachute Home

If your dad is still wearing the same bathrobe he wore when you were still living at home, it's time for an upgrade. Likely your dad wasn't planning on getting a new robe because his old robe "still works" but dads can be too practical sometimes. Treat him to something he doesn't know he deserves.

A Serious Moisturizer



If your dad is all about that smoothie life and likes to get his max intake of nutrients, he's going to love this anti-aging skin serum that puts all of the important nutrients on top of his skin, too.

A Getaway Bag

The Pike


Give you dad a weekend bag that's so cute, it inspires him to actually get away for a weekend. Dads deserve adventures, too.

Portable Speaker

Bose SoundLink Micro Bluetooth Speaker


If your dad likes to spend time outside, he's going to be obsessed with this portable speaker. He can blast his favorite NPR podcast while he gardens or even listen to his favorite Bob Dylan jams while he's in the pool (or sweating profusely), because it's waterproof!