14 Unique Father’s Day Gifts You Can Still Get Last-Minute

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If you've literally just realized that Father's Day is almost here, you're not alone. It snuck up early on us this year! (OK, not really — but I'm telling myself that to make myself feel better.) With Jun. 17 just around the corner, you're probably starting to feel a bit like a failure for forgetting, er, I mean loosing track of when Father's Day is. That said, there are tons of last-minute Father's Day gifts that are so unique and useful, your dad will think you put a lot of time and effort into your gifting process. A portable espresso maker? A lotion that has algae in it? How could you possibly have come up with such gifts last minute?! What your dad doesn't know can't hurt him. Let the man think you've been planning your gift for months. And fret not, you're not a failure — we're living in a busy age where we rarely even look at calendars, we're not though-less, we're just a little caught up in our own stuff.

Just pick one of these special gifts and make sure it gets there on time — no one needs to know just how last minute you purchased it. While you're taking a moment to be thankful for your dad, don't forget to be thankful for expedited shipping, the unsung hero of Father's Day. Here I've picked out some modern takes on the classic dad's day gifts that he will surely be tickled by. The last thing you want to do is get your dad something you've already gotten for him, that's literally the only thing worse than not getting him anything at all.

Portable Espresso Machine

Streaming Device

Non-Dad Sunglasses

Boozy Giftbox

A Non-Dad Hat

Portable Turn Table

A Non-Dad Mug

A Beer Dispenser

A Sweet Projector

Year-Round Work Gloves

A Classic Bathrobe

A Serious Moisturizer

A Getaway Bag

Portable Speaker