14 Mother’s Day Flower Arrangements You Can Buy For Under $50

Urban Stems

With Mother's Day coming up sooner than you might imagine (May 12 will be here before you know it!), it's time to start thinking about what you're going to buy your mom if you're taking part in this little holiday. Yes, your mom can be annoying. Like any other mom, she probably has the tendency to nag you, pick on you, ask you way too many invasive questions, and some weird reasoning for leaving you a voicemail that simply says, "Hi, it's mom. Call me back" even though you can see she called without it! Still, she's your mom. She's awesome, and you know it, and she deserves a gift. And no matter how cliche they may be, Mother's Day flowers are always a good option.

Giving your mom flowers on Mother's Day might not be the most groundbreaking idea out there. Flowers are popular for this holiday because they're pretty, they're easy to find, they send the right message, and because it's full-on spring. But none of this means that they're cheap. Flowers are expensive around holidays, whether you're buying her some to plant in her garden or getting her a beautiful bouquet. They just happen to be pricey... and if they're super, super cheap, it's possible that they aren't going to last very long.

So, yes, expensive flowers can be worth the money, but that doesn't mean you need to buy them. If you're looking to keep the price tag low but still get your mom some blooms she can show off with pride, check out the options below. All of these Mother's Day flowers are under $50, and even better? You can order them online and get them delivered, so going to the store isn't necessary.


Burlap Wrapped Bouquet

Farmgirl Flowers makes designer quality flowers that are sourced ethically and honestly by farms that pay living wages and avoid harmful chemicals, so you can feel good about buying these. This small burlap-wrapped bouquet is a perfect gift. It's made with 10 stems of various blooms, foliage, and bits, and is wrapped in upcycled, biodegradable coffee bags. It's meant to look like you just went out into a fairytale garden and picked them yourself.


Snapdragon Bouquet

The Bouqs Company is another site you'll be proud to shop at. They cut your flowers the day you order them and use farms that practice sustainable, eco-friendly farming. They also only cut what they sell to avoid having waste. This pretty bouquet contains 20 stems of multicolored snapdragons, which are a nice change from roses, lilies, or tulips.


Elephant Air Plant

If your mom loves plants but is really bad at keeping them alive, consider this Tillandsia air plant. Almost anyone can manage an air plant, which is super low-maintenance and requires very little time and energy. Plus, this one comes in the most adorable elephant planter she can use for a long time.


Southern Peach Bouquet

If you're looking for something elegant and classic, you really can't go wrong with this Southern Peach Bouquet. It's subtle and sophisticated, and will go with any color scheme. It's made up of peach colored roses, white lilies, peach carnations, and greenery, as well as an echeveria succulent that adds a modern touch.


Green Garden

Instead of colorful flowers, consider getting your mom a plant that will last a whole lot longer. This set comes with a variety of green plants (whatever is in season), as well as a nice little wooden box to keep them in. It also comes with the cute balloon in the picture.


Purple and Yellow Bouquet

Want something colorful but still pretty classic? This bouquet has got you covered. It's made up of golden roses and lilies, lavender blooms, and bright greens, and is ideal for spring weather. Plus, that glass cylinder vase may not be unique, but it's something she'll use a million more times.


Best of Times Bouquet

Sometimes simple really is best, especially when it comes to flowers. This bouquet from The Bouqs Company consists of mauve roses and carnations, and it's just so beautiful that it really doesn't need anything else.


Mini Orchid

When taken care of properly, orchids can last a very long time — but, of course, they are pretty delicate and can be a bit tricky. Get this for your mom if she loves flowers and knows what she's doing, otherwise there's a good chance it will die.


The Refresh

UrbanStems works with sustainable Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms that pay employees above-average wages, provide access to healthcare, and ensure good working conditions, so this is another company you can feel good about buying from. This arrangement is simple, classic, and beautiful, made up of chic, single stem white solomio flowers that will look gorgeous on your mom's table.


A Cactus

A small cactus is another great option for any mom who doesn't really know how to take care of flowers. They last a long time and they're very low-maintenance. Plus, this one comes in the cutest blue planter.


Flowers In A Nice Vase

Ordering flowers in a vase or planter than can be used again and again is always nice. This bouquet and water pitcher planter have a Parisian flair that your mom will love, and is made up of peach roses and burgundy mums.


Bonsai Tree

If you want to give your mom something more unique, opt for this bonsai tree. Satsuki Azalea bonsai trees bloom late in the spring with bright pink blossoms, but the green leaves look wonderful year-round as well.


Azalea Plant

The nice thing about this azalea plant is that your mom can actually take it out of the cute planter and plant it in her garden outside if she wants. It's a perennial flower that will go on to bloom in the spring year after year, so it's really an investment plant!


Succulent Garden

You truly can't go wrong with a succulent garden. They're fun, undeniably adorable, chic, trendy, and so low-maintenance. The gold and polka dot planter is a really nice touch.