14 Gifts That Are Perfect For Your One-Year Anniversary


Aw. You made it to one year! Congratulations. Now comes the most important question: What should you get for your SO? Keep reading for 14 gifts that are perfect for your one-year anniversary.

The one-year anniversary is a big milestone. Nobody cares if you've been together 11 months. But once you've hit a full year, look out. Things must be getting serious. Basically, if you make it to a year, you're probably going to be together forever.

That's how it might feel, anyway.

Shopping for your SO can be challenging as is, but when it comes to this very important celebration, the pressure is really on. You want something sentimental but not too serious, or maybe practical but without being boring. You want a present that's somewhere between "I love you and look forward this adventure together!" and not "I maybe just put a ton of pressure on this relationship by spending way too much."

And even though your SO told you that they really needed socks, something tells you a gift with a little more thought and love might be more appropriate for your one-year anni. It's a delicate balance you have to strike. If you've already been shopping but still feel stuck, here are 14 suggestions to help you out.

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