14 Products For Lefties That Will Make Your Life So Much Easier
by Megan Grant
Courtesy of Brands

If you're left-hand dominant, there are certain struggles you know to be true — like when the side of your hand smears your own writing. (Bollocks!) If this sounds like you, then your money is best spent on products for left-handed people that will make life (and your handwriting) so much better.

If you're part of the small group of people who use their left hand for most tasks — about 10 percent of the world, according to BestLife Online — you know how uncomfortable it is to try to fit in — let alone catch with — a baseball mitt or use scissors that clearly weren't meant for you. Never mind having to deal with all those bonkers myths about lefties, like how criminals are more often left-handed or how we die earlier. Lies.

Growing up, being a leftie was a "thing" — so much that in some of our cases, teachers or parents forced us to use our right hands instead. Thankfully, these days, it seems we're more mindful of lefties. There are lots of products on the market (still not enough, if you ask this leftie) made just for us to make our everyday responsibilities a little easier. If you're gosh darn sick of smudging you're own writing, check out these 14 products you'll probably fall in love with.