'Game Of Thrones' Fans NEED These 14 Shows In Their Lives

It won't be long until Game of Thrones fans know who will be sitting on the Iron Throne. With Season 8 set to be the final season of the hit HBO series, it's time for Game of Thrones viewers to start watching new shows — preferably ones that are still on the air. There's an abundance of quality fantasy and historical dramas that have ended their runs to entertain Westeros devotees, but finding current shows that live up to Game of Thrones' high standards is a tough task.

That doesn't mean it's impossible though. Since its debut, Game of Thrones has inspired a new generation of shows with vast casts and fantasy elements. They're not carbon copies of the HBO series, but that's a good thing. For a show to appeal to Game of Thrones aficionados, it doesn't need to exactly replicate the Stark versus Lannister drama. As long as the quality and expansiveness is there, that's all that matters.

While it may seem hard to believe, there are a whopping 14 shows that Game of Thrones fans should be watching that are currently either airing new seasons or set to return soon. Some of these dramas are in their first or second seasons, which means there's plenty of story still to tell, while others have been around for a few seasons, making them perfect for marathon lovers. Saying goodbye to Westeros isn't going to be easy, but these equally awesome series may make bidding Daenerys and Jon Snow farewell at least a little bit easier.

1. Westworld

A show about a western theme park populated by robotic hosts that are slowly becoming self-aware may not seem like the perfect fit for Game of Thrones fans, but with its vast cast and penchant for asking the big questions, Westworld is a marvel. The HBO series also has its share of standout female characters that will remind viewers of Daenerys, Cersei, and Sansa.

Where to watch: Season 1 is streaming on HBO Now, and Season 2 is currently airing.

2. American Gods

A god and his bodyguard go on a cross-country road trip as a war between the old gods and the new brews in the background of this visually stunning series. Showrunner Bryan Fuller's commitment to world building is apparent in every scene, but the real hook is the depth of the disparate group of larger than life characters.

Where to watch: Season 1 is available on the Starz app. Season 2 is expected to air in 2019.

3. Altered Carbon

On the surface, Altered Carbon is a sci-fi murder mystery, but that's just the hook. The show mixes big existential questions with character-driven action and sex scenes that are actually sexy.

Where to watch: Season 1 is streaming on Netflix.

4. The Handmaid's Tale

Women are subject to some of the worst treatment in Westeros, but watching them fight back and challenge societal norms has been one of the most rewarding parts of Game of Thrones. The Handmaid's Tale takes those same principles and applies them to a shocking future scenario where women become breeders and servants with no rights of their own. The series is at once chilling and inspiring as the show's protagonists fight back against the oppressive system.

Where to watch: Seasons 1 and 2 are streaming on Hulu.

5. Preacher

Heaven, hell, and humanity's struggle with both are at the heart of AMC's bloody Preacher. If they had television in Westeros, Tyrion would be a huge fan of Jesse, Cassidy, and Tulip's unconventional quest to find God, while Melisandre would likely campaign for it to be excised from the airwaves.

Where to watch: Season 1 is streaming on Hulu, and Season 2 is available to purchase. Season 3 premieres June 24 on AMC.

6. Harlots

In its early seasons, Game of Thrones often set scenes in Littlefinger's brothel, but the women who worked there were never given much to do. Harlots flips the script by taking you inside the world of 18th century sex workers in a show that is committed to telling stories from a female point of view.

Where to watch: Season 1 is streaming on Hulu, and Season 2 premieres July 11.

7. Vikings

Five seasons of this brutal, complex drama have already aired, and it's clear that this show is perfect for Game of Thrones fans. Despite the lack of dragons, Vikings is full of family drama, exploration, and massive battles. It also has female warriors who you will declare your instant favorites.

Where to watch: Seasons 1-5 are streaming on Amazon Video and Hulu. Season 6 will premiere in 2019.

8. The Terror

An icy tundra, strange creatures lurking just out of sight, and two Game of Thrones alums, makes this miniseries an absolute must-see.

Where to watch: AMC on-demand.

9. The Good Place

The Good Place may seem like a strange pick on the surface, but the Kristen Bell comedy is full of twists and it welcomes theories. The cast is significantly smaller, but the six main characters are all morally complicated people that would be right at home with Jon, Jaime, and the rest of the Westeros crew.

Where to watch: Season 1 is on Netflix, and Season 2 is streaming on Hulu.

10. Stranger Things

Netflix's '80s-nostalgia fueled hit keeps building its world and mythology with each new season. The show may owe more to The Goonies and Close Encounters of the Third Kind than to Game of Thrones, but it's easy to see why people would love both shows. Thanks to a cast of characters that you want to root for and a fear factor that would make the Night King jealous, Stranger Things is sure to keep Game of Thrones viewers entertained.

Where to watch: Seasons 1-2 are streaming in full on Netflix. Season 3 will premiere in 2019.

11. Outlander

Romance isn't the number one priority for anyone in Westeros, but it's the star of the show in Outlander. The time travel tale is full of castles, wars, and women challenging gender expectations, but it also has a beautiful love story at its heart.

Where to watch: Seasons 1-3 are on the Starz app. Season 4 will premiere in late 2018.

12. Killing Eve

Let's be real here, if Arya Stark or Cersei Lannister lived in the modern world, they would definitely be cutthroat assassins like Villanelle.

Where to watch: Season 1 is available on demand from BBC America.

13. Counterpart

Two versions of the same world are at war, and at the center of it all is J.K. Simmons giving a masterclass in acting.

Where to watch: Seasons 1 is available via the Starz app.

14. Into The Badlands

Into the Badlands is an underrated series with a diverse cast and an amazing female villain. The world it creates is wholly absorbing in a way that Game of Thrones devotees will appreciate, but it's also very much its own thing.

Where to watch: Seasons 1 and 2 are on Netflix. Season 3 is available via the AMC app.

These 14 shows will keep Game of Thrones viewers entertained, and help you avoid thinking about the day when you'll have to leave Westeros for good.