Vanessa Is Willing To Move For 'Bachelor' Love

by Hannah Shapiro
Phillippe Bosse/ABC

To be a standout contestant on this Bachelor season is difficult as most of the women are funny, smart, and engaging. But one lady has been a frontrunner from night one: Canadian special education teacher Vanessa Grimaldi. She has stood out for her depth of character, beauty, and connection with Nick. But, now that things are getting down to the wire, it's time for contestants to make some big decisions — and for Vanessa that means contemplating where she and Nick would live if they ended up together. Does Vanessa still live in Canada after The Bachelor? She seems to be right now, but that may be temporary if she wins.

The tricky thing about The Bachelor is that contestants meet in a sort of bubble. Women from all over the country, or all over multiple countries, meet the suitor in L.A. Together the contestants travel around the world, dating and making out in romantic settings. The details of where to live, how to live, and when that all happens are left until after the show. While Vanessa does appear to be this season's frontrunner, she also is a woman with a life very much set up in Montreal, Canada. However, for true TV love and maybe even additional career goals, she may be willing to move. Of course, it shouldn't necessarily be up to her to move to California. Nick could always relocate to Canada.

Vanessa does incredible work in an adult special education classroom. Her job was highlighted on the most recent hometown episode of The Bachelor. As of mid-February, she still seems involved with her Canadian school, tweeting about upcoming projects. This implies that she is still based in Canada, at least for now. That makes sense, of course. Having her move elsewhere could be a spoiler for the show. Still, I think Vanessa is going to get the final rose. Vanessa and Nick appear to have the strongest connection, and she has not dropped her frontrunner status all season. If she does win, the tricky decision of which country to live in could prove complicated for the couple. Vanessa is not only working in a fulfilling job in Canada, she is close to her family there too.

It became clear on Vanessa's hometown date that family is central to her life. Vanessa's family was hyper-vigilant in making sure Nick was really into Vanessa, which shows the incredible amount of love they have for her. It would be a big decision to move away from her family, even for her one true televised love. Of course this is all speculation, Vanessa may end up single at the end of the show. While there are only a few other women left, the competition has been stiff all season.

Yet, Vanessa may be willing to move if she and Nick stick it out. She spoke to Glamor Magazine a few days before the premiere aired, answering questions to the best of her ability at the time. One of those questions pushed her to comment on a possible move to the States. "I am willing to leave Montreal," she told the magazine. "That’s definitely something that needs to be discussed. We’ll see. We don’t know what the future holds, but I’m here. I’m happy!"

While being open to a move is definitely different than actually moving, this is a good sign for those hoping Vanessa ends up in the U.S.A. Love is a reason people pack their bags, and it seems Vanessa is open to that discussion.

Nick is mostly based in L.A, or seems to be. He runs his own business while also pursuing a career on television. While it would seem that a TV career is far outside of what Vanessa does, she actually does have acting experience. Vanessa has appeared in small television roles and also worked on camera for Gameloft. It is possible that a move to L.A could be about more than just love for Vanessa. There are additional opportunities that may make L.A an exciting move for the Canadian. It is this additional reason that makes me believe Vanessa may truly be open to a change in scenery.

I wish Vanessa the best no matter what country she ends up in. She has handled herself well throughout the competition and continues to be both relatable and captivating. Whether in maple syrup country or in stars and stripes country, I hope Vanessa finds happiness. If she doesn't, she can always be the next Canadian Bachelorette.