14 Super Awkward GIFs Of Nick & Vanessa Post-'Bachelor'

by Alaina Urquhart-White
Terhi Tuovinen/ABC

Another season of The Bachelor has come and gone and we are now watching a brand new romance blossom from the confines of a television competition into the real world. In the end, Nick Viall got on one knee and proposed to special education teacher Vanessa Grimaldi in a fancy lodge in Finland, because that's where you do that. After past season finales, fans have usually been inundated with over-the-top mushy love from the newly engaged couple. But, this time around, things seem a little different. Vanessa and Nick's post-Bachelor appearances have been pretty awkward. Don't believe me? Thanks to Stacy Rizzetta, the Senior TV Editor at GIPHY we have so many GIFs to illustrate all the times Nick & Vanessa's awkwardness was caught on camera.

I am not saying that these two aren't in love or that they definitely won't last until their wedding, of which they have not yet begun planning, but I am saying that they don't exactly radiate that lovin' feeling. Maybe they are just the realest couple to come out of this show. I mean, it isn't like this situation is normal. These two people are just really getting to know each other, so maybe it is actually healthy that they're taking things so... seriously. You be the ultimate judge here, friends.

1. The Look Of Love

Passion is looking like you are about to projectile vomit in a crowded room.

2. Is Chris Convinced?

Chris Harrison has seen a lot throughout his Bachelor hosting career, so we can trust his appraisal of this situation. Seems like everything is positively copacetic. Keep it moving.

3. Real Talk

Totally. Relationships are hard work. After a few years with one person, of course you will have some tough — oh, it's been a few months?

4. More Real Talk

I think Nick is talking about solving a Rubik's Cube here. Everything is F-I-N-E.

5. Secret Messages

Wait, does anyone know Morse Code? Is Nick blinking a distress signal or is he just getting chronic dry-eye from all of the scorching flames of passion surrounding him and Vanessa's relationship?

6. Control Thyself

Vanessa looks like she totally doesn't regret anything at all, look at that look of certainty in those eyes.

7. Captivated

A man captivated by every loving word that drips from his beloved's mouth. Can't you see it? The swooning is almost uncomfortable. Get a Fantasy Suite, you two!

8. Sparks

At first glance, I thought these might be two complete strangers who attended a fancy event in the same place and accidentally touched legs when they sat down.

9. A Woman In Love

I know it might look like she is ready to call a lifeline, but she is actually just observing the high holiday of Opposite Day. That is clearly the face of bliss.

10. Smile Big For The Camera

Oh man, that smile looks like it hurts. It's like she is saying to Jimmy Kimmel, "I love this man, SO MUCH. Can you see it? I am so happy, I could scream and pull my eyelashes out."

11. Number One Fan

Whoa! I hope Dancing With The Stars has a decent security team because Vanessa is getting a little out of control here. Yes, cheering for your special guy as he furiously dances for a mirrorball trophy is expected, but Vanessa is about to blow the damn roof off the place. I hope she didn't hurt anyone with her savage support for her man.

12. Malfunction

Oops, it looks like the Nick-bot may have glitched slightly during their satellite appearance on LIVE with Kelly. Oh wait, that's just Nick being intensely uncomfortable. Normal couple stuff.

13. Tough Questions

They're on the same page in their total confusion.

14. Cheers To Love

Cheers to Nick and Vanessa's love!