14 Tantalizing Movies About Food Streaming On Netflix Now

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Food isn't something we just devour for the sake of sustenance but also a sensory experience to enjoy. The smells, the look, and the taste all factor into a great meal. And watching films about food — hearing the sizzle of ingredients in a pan, seeing the beautifully plated finished dishes — is a feast in itself, and one that almost always leaves you hungry for more. Thankfully, Netflix has a whole menu of food movies to satisfy all your cravings.

They can be soothing or exciting, but whatever their tone, movies about food should always be mouthwatering. "You just need great sound and pictures of food, and it's as immersive as any special effect," actor and filmmaker Jon Favreau, who's responsible for the film Chef and The Chef Show, told USA Today in 2014. "Those neurons get firing and you can hear the people groan when they see a nice slice of brisket."

Food movies can also educate. There's so much history and culture behind every dish, and just like any other creative industry, the food and beverage landscapes of the world are constantly changing and evolving. With your Netflix subscription, you can explore several corners of this world. These 14 films about food — both fiction and documentary — teach viewers about the culinary arts and the hard work, innovation, and love it takes to succeed in that sphere.