14 Things That Are Legal Now But Might Not Be Soon

The climate of our culture and politics is changing before our very eyes, with new rules and expectations being put in place that we never thought we'd see. It's reasonable to wonder, then, about things that are legal now but probably won't be in 25 years. This was the exact idea discussed in a recent AskReddit conversation; and while certain things we'd be happy to see outlawed (like revenge porn), others are more outrageous, although not totally out of the realm of possibility.

When you think about it, it's really not extreme to believe that some of these things could be illegal in the next couple of decades. Look at things that were totally normal when we were kids but are now major no-nos, or even against the law. I can remember riding around in the spacious trunk of a friend's car with no seatbelt, playing outside at night with no adult supervision, and boys having toy guns on the playground at school — and no one batted an eye. Things have changed just a little, wouldn't you say?

Only time will tell; but here are 14 things the users of Reddit think will be gone within the next 25 years. Enjoy them while ya can, folks!


Revenge Porn

"Many states have created laws against this, but there are still some that haven't. Within 25 years all states will probably have laws against and/or there will be a federal law against it." We all agree this would be excellent, yes? OK, good.


Freedom To Fly Drones

"Operating a drone without a license." Drones have already proven to be a privacy concern; is it only a matter of time before the government puts an end to them?


The Way We Market Drugs

"Hopefully advertising prescription medicine like it's soda." Many have argued that America is overmedicated. Has advertising desensitized us to it?


Fake Online Accounts

"Not sure if already illegal, but faking online accounts will be for sure." While social media platforms like Facebook specify that your online identity must be accurate and true, and while they do crack down on fake profiles, we all know there are still a ton out there. It's just too easy.


Anonymity On The Internet

A double-edged sword, this would be. While transparency online could eliminate much of the danger and instability lurking on the interwebs, it could also open the doors to a whole host of new problems.


Throwing Away Toxic Substances

"Throwing used cans or bottles of paint, solvents, insecticides and household cleaners in dumpsters or trash bins for regular garbage collection. Some places have guidelines about it, but it's often technically not 'illegal.'"

Yes, please. This is harming the environment — and us — more than most of us realize.


Not Having Your Kids Vaccinated

Without getting into this debate, is this something we can see happening down the line? Possibly...


Driving At 16

"Also driving over 65 unless re examined." Driving is easy. Anticipating what other drivers might do is not. Should laws surrounding who can drive be a little more strict? Could it protect everyone else on the road?



We laugh at memes without a second thought (because some of them are just too funny); but we often forget about the person who is the butt of the joke. Matters can become more serious than we expect, and people have even sued over memes.



"With the amount of people getting lung cancer from smoking cigarettes, it will cost the country more than the tax they get from it." For real, take care of your bodies, people.


Watching Porn Online

"Back to underground brothels and strip bars we go!" Porn doesn't have to be a bad thing; it's merely a different kind of entertainment. But it's still widely taboo in our culture, which means it's also possible it could go bye-bye.



"The Thought Police will probably exist in 25 years. Think while it's legal, everybody." Lord, help us. I can't even.



"Most of the world is moving towards authoritarianism and surveillance. At some point, cash will be banned 'for security' so the government can access all financial information and all transactions." Terrifying? Just a tad. And I can totally see it.


Free Speech

Under our current administration, our free speech has already been compromised more than once. Will it get worse?