Tia’s Instagram Lets ‘Bachelor’ Fans In On Her Cozy Home Life

Paul Hebert/ABC

Tia, the charming Southerner who yet again scored a rose from Arie on the most recent episode of The Bachelor, certainly seems like a stand-up gal. Though she's not one of the few women who have really monopolized Arie's time the past few weeks, she's still working hard to make an impression. Despite the fact that she's gunning hard for Arie's heart, the 26-year-old seems to be one of the most laid-back and chill women in this year's cast. A look at Tia's Instagram proves that. The Arkansas native also shares a fair amount of inspirational quotes, behind-the-scenes Bachelor photos, and snaps with her friends from back home.

It's clear that her overall vibe, at least on social media, matches that of Arie's — easygoing, a little silly, and someone you'd want to hang out with. The Bachelor (associate producer: Megan Kropf) star's photos show a glimpse of a woman who has a ton of interests and doesn't take life too serious, which makes her all the more intriguing. Unless her time on The Bachelor changes the perception that her Instagram gives, her personality is bound to make her one of the fan favorites. So, what else can we learn from her Instagram feed?

She's Very Into Her Dog...

Countless photos of Tia's dog are plopped right at the top of her feed — the adorable little pup certainly doesn't seem camera shy.

...Whose Name Happens To Be Marlo

Tia seems to be incredibly close with her dog, and even commemorated a special occasion in one of their photos together. "Today marks 1 month of this babygirl being medicine free and healthy (I know bc I remember the last vet bill)!!" she wrote in the caption. "Can't imagine life without ya," Tia added with a heart.

She's Close With Her Mother...

It seems like Arie will certainly have some family to meet if his relationship with Tia progresses to the next level — the contestant is frequently sharing pics with her mom, and it's clear how close they are. "Happy Birthday to the BEST mama..not to mention the cutest," she wrote in the above photo's caption. "You truly are my best friend, my go-to, and my number one fan. Love you big."

...And Her Brother...

She snapped several pictures with her brother over Christmas as she gathered with the fam for the holidays, and they look like quite a happy clan.

....And Her Dad

"The number one man I can always depend on..my daddy!" Tia wrote. "And the only one who doesn't complain about taking 18 pics til we get it right." Hint to Arie — take as many pictures as this lady wants; the 'Gram is important.

She Is An Avid Supporter Of St. Jude...

Tia posted a link to her Instagram bio for friends and family to donate to a cause that looks like it is near and dear to her heart.

...And Even Put Her Running Skills To The Test To Raise Money For The Charity

Though she doesn't boast her fitness habits like some of the other Bachelor contestants, Tia also has some pretty serious skills. She strapped into her running shoes to raise even more money for St. Jude's.

She's Always By The Water

Everywhere you turn, Tia is posting pictures by some body of water. She can be seen boating and fishing to her heart's content.

She's A Graduate Of Arkansas State University

Tia, according to her Instagram account, attended college for a whopping seven years of school to pursue her career as a physical therapist. "I can't believe this day is finally here! I'm now Tia Rachel Booth, DPT!" she wrote, announcing her doctor of physical therapy degree.

She Has Some Cooking Skills Up Her Sleeve

Tia brings some cooking chops to the table — here she's helped prepare some sweet potato casserole for her family's Thanksgiving dinner, and she's boasted some other seriously yummy looking recipes as well, like Nutella pancakes.

She Idolizes Olivia Pope, Just Like Us

This is perhaps the most relatable item on this list — who among us has not snuggled into a comforter with a hot drink and watched Olivia Pope rip some slimy D.C. insiders to shreds? Can we join, Tia?

She's An Avid Reader

Marathoning Scandal likely isn't the only activity she curls up in a cozy ball to do — it seems like Tia is a big fan of Harper Lee's work, including the newest release, "Go Set A Watchman."

Her Animal Love Doesn't Stop With Dogs

Though dogs seem to be her main love, Tia can also be found snuggling this fluffy feline friend.

She Loves A Wedding

Tia stood by some of her closest friends as they walk down the aisle. Maybe her Bachelor journey will end with them watching her tie the knot.

Depending on what happens during Tia's time on the show, who knows what this feed could feature in a few months. Potentially, a lot of love-y snaps with Arie.