14 Thoughtful Father's Day 2018 Gifts You Can Buy At Target


Father's Day is coming up on us fast — are you ready to bestow your latest gift onto Dad, preferably while braving as few dad jokes as possible? You may be stressing out about what to buy for the man who comes first in so many of our hearts — so naturally, a good way to combat that can be turning to the store that comes first in all of our hearts. You can find countless thoughtful Father's Day gifts at Target that will get the job done.

Target is legendary for being oh-so-resourceful when we need it to be. Whoever said dads were hard to shop for clearly hasn't taken a close enough stroll down its aisles of swag. You can find plenty of options at your disposal, if you strategize right!

Pro tip: if you've perused the store in person and feel overwhelmed, Target's handy website can get you the answers you need. Depending on what sort of dad he is — "goofball," "outdoorsman" or "kid at heart"— there' are even assigned categories for you to pick the best types of gifts he would want.

But if you really want to figure out the best way to make him happy as a clam this Father's Day, here are some pre-selected Target options that all come in under $60 and won't break the bank.

1Some Timekeeping Accessories

Peugeot Men's 14K Gold Plated Cuff Link Real Working Face Watch


Dad can now keep time on his collar with these gold-plated cuff links that have actual watches. If your father is feeling fancy, gift him these and ~watch~ him feel like the classiest dude in the room.

2The Tools Fit For His Grilling Dreams

Wemco Grill Tool Set Grill Tool Set


If your dad's been looking for a way to maximize the art of the BBQ, look no further than Target's uber-cheap set of forks, tong, and spatula. There's no way your ol' man can't make the ~rarest~ steak possible now!

3Fishy Bait To Take Out On The Water

Catch More Fish Lake Pond Spincast


With a spinning reel and rod included in this set, your dad can be quite the happy fisher. It even comes with bait, and an array of hooks to catch the best grub possible. Hopefully he'll share whatever he catches for dinner!

4A Mug Fit For A King

Hardware Papa Bear Drinkwear Mug


Dad can feel like a real wild man with this blue mug, which is conveniently dishwasher-friendly and has a strong message about being ~beary~ dad-like. Who could resist that?

5A Tie (Because You Can Never Have Too Many Ties)

Men's Gingham Necktie


The gingham is a classic print that your dad will surely appreciate. He can take it from an office party to a backyard shindig to your sibling's high school graduation — it'll be versatile and stylish enough for all of those occasions.

6A Funny Cooking Apron

Wemco Cooking Apron


This "Grill Instructor" apron has designated pockets for matches, beer condiments, and phone, as well as a built-in bottle opener. Whether it be fire, flood, or food, your dad will definitely be able to face anything with this apron on his being.

7A Book To Uncover The Secrets Of Good Beer

The Little Book of Craft Beer


This book is going to change the life of any wannabe brewer forever — or at least amp up his party small talk game forever. It details how to match beer with food, how to make it and all of the different styles, so no curious dad will ever have to wonder again.

8A Multi-Tasking Adventure Bag

3 In 1 Briefcase Backpack


This large briefcase doubles as a backpack that can be worn in different ways once you adjust the shoulder straps. Pick this up for your versatility-loving dad.

9A Strappy, Stylish Timekeeper

Men's 's Easy Read Field Strap Watch Set


Father Time won't get away from your father, so long as he keeps this sleek black wristwatch on his arm. It's the perfect accent for any outfit, and won't break your bank either.

10A Multi-Functioning Hammer

Hardware by Gentleman's Hardware Hammer Multi Tool


This handyman multi-tool can be 10 different tools — now Dad can pull nails, hammer nails, file, snip wires, saw things, use a flathead and crosshead screwdriver, and be the biggest fix-it guy on the block, with the least amount of space!

11A Dad Jokes Guide

Dad Jokes : The Punniest Joke Book Ever


Awkward fake laughs will be a thing of the past once Dad can use this strange collection for more unsolicited cringe-worthy options. You know you'll love hearing some of these wise-cracks too...

12A Portable Bottle Caddy

Wemco White Wash Wooden Barware Se


Now Dad can take the party anywhere with this bottle caddy that can carry six of his favorite beers. It's portable as heck and also has a convenient bottle opener, and released just in time for the summer!

13A Way To Inspire His Inner Painter

Bob Ross: The Art of Chill Board Game


Let's be honest — Bob Ross is one of the most dad-looking people out there, and his painting skills have probably been envied by many a pa, including yours. If your Dad ever wants to learn to draw (competitively), bring him this game and see if he can beat the fam to the brush each time.

14A Groovy Grooming Kit

Braun 8-in-1 Beard/Hair Men's Rechargeable Electric Grooming Kit


You can trim your face and head in a jiffy thanks to these handy blades. On top of that, they're rechargeable, so they're super handy for a dad who's always on the go with all of his hair-related tasks.