14 Times Cameran From 'Southern Charm' Had The Most Hilariously Honest Motherhood Instagrams


Everyone on social media is well-aware of the effort that goes into posting a photo. From picking an outfit, to doing makeup, to posing for multiple takes, to editing, to coming up with a witty caption. Even with that knowledge, social media can be very misleading. In contrast, Cameran from Southern Charm shares very realistic and hilarious posts about motherhood. The Bravo star is not at all shy about sharing on social media the ups and the downs of being a new mom.

Cameran is notoriously private with her personal life when it comes to Southern Charm, but following her on social media is a whole different situation. On the show, Cameran is the usually the narrator, commenting on everyone else's personal problems instead of exposing her own to the world. But on Instagram, she has no issue showing what her life is really like as a first-time mother.

Cameran has no qualms documenting her struggles and triumphs. She is not overly glamorizing motherhood. She is not solely emphasizing the rewarding aspects. She is showing it all and telling it like it is with her Instagram posts.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with dressing up for a nice photo or posting a picture smiling with a calm baby who isn't crying, but that is just not how life is all the time for any mom. Cameran shares it all — the cute baby outfits, the fatigue, the stains on her outfits — and it is very refreshing and always funny.


Recovering From Birth & Needing Sleep

Cameran kept it 100 when she captioned this makeup-free selfie from her first week of motherhood. She admitted, "First week as a new mom is going incredibly well. I'm getting great sleep and feel and look better than ever. Zero pain in my crotch whatsoever." This post is definitely beyond relatable for anyone who has been in Cameran's position.


Being Honest About The Post-Birth Experience

Cameran posted a photo with post-birth necessities that included disposable underwear, pads, and Epsom salt. Cameran captioned this: "Happy to say this is all going in the trash today. If you've given birth you know how great it feels to not need this stuff anymore." She also threw in the hashtag "#WhatTheyDontTellYou" at the end to emphasize her honesty.


Sharing Breast Feeding Difficulties

Breast feeding isn't a walk in the park. Cameran shared, "You want real? I'll give you real. This is leaked breastmilk from one morning of feeding." There aren't many moms who would post this photo, but there are many moms who relate to it.


Getting Used To Her Lack Of Free Time

Cameran acknowledged how rewarding it is to be a new mom when she wrote, "Survived the first 2 weeks! Still can't believe I'm a mom, it's been a roller coaster for sure but this little angel makes it all worth it." Even so, she also confessed, "Haven't posted much because if I'm not breastfeeding I'm TRYING to get a nap."


Losing Track Of Time

Cameran was super excited to celebrate her daughter being a month old, but she realized that she was a couple days early and admitted so in the caption:

The first 4 weeks with a newborn are akin to Navy Seal training and I'm proud to say I've made it through #1MonthOld #SweetP *Edit my friend just pointed out that I'm a dumbass. 4 weeks doesn't = a month and since she was born on the 11th she is not yet a month old. Let's hope she gets her fathers smarts.

It's the thought that counts, right?


Celebrating A Cry-Free Holiday

The winter holidays are stressful enough on their own, so adding an infant to the mix can be a lot to handle. Cameran shared, "Wonderful Christmas with family, loved having my Dad home this year. Palmer didn't scream in public once!" A cry-free holiday is definitely something worth celebrating.


Getting Excited For Her First Post-Baby Date Night

It's tough getting out of the house as a new mom. Cameran posted, "First date night in 2 months and I plan on getting shit-faced." After sharing her outfit details, Cameran added, "Gotta go I only have 3 hours of freedom." Fair enough.


Being Self-Deprecating

Sometimes the best way to progress in a new stage of life is to have a sense of humor. Cameran joked, "2 months old today and Palmer has successfully outlived my all of my houseplants!"


Giving Up On Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is not for every mom and that is perfectly OK. Cameran didn't have to broadcast her decision to give up on breastfeeding, but she did. She subjected herself to criticism, but she emphasized that it is acceptable for a new mom to change her mind when it comes to breastfeeding and that it's nothing to be ashamed of.


Google Searching Everything

It is impossible to be prepared for every situation. Just like other moms, Cameran just wants to make sure her baby is OK and has no problem Google searching to answer her burning questions.


Changing Diapers

The Southern Charm cast member found a way to make diaper changing a little easier for herself. Cameran shared, "Baby gowns are my fave because I hate undressing to change diapers."


Getting Ready For The Day

Getting ready for the day isn't what it used to be. Cameran doesn't have as much time for herself and she has to get baby Palmer ready, as well. Cameran captioned her photo with "OOTD" (aka outfit of the day) and it's a look that many moms are more than familiar with. She even added "#slay" to the caption.


Opening Up About Struggles

Cameran celebrated a milestone in Palmer's life with this very open message:

"This little buttercup is 4 months old today. We are learning and growing together. I fail everyday as a mom. I say bad words still and let her watch The Price Is Right sometimes so I can drink a warm cup of coffee. Sometimes I cry in front of her. It ain’t all roses...but I’m trying, and I sure do love her."


Admitting Hair Loss

Motherhood is a beautiful thing, but it can take its toll on the body. Cameran posted, "The Victoria Secret hair was fun while it lasted. #PostPartumShed #HopefullyItGrowsBack #HopefullyMyBoobsGrowBackToo #DontThinkTheyWill." She is really skilled at incorporating honesty and humor into a hashtag.

Cameran's openness about being a new mom is so great to see. There is nothing wrong with highlighting the fun times and positive aspects of new motherhood, but it is great to see someone who shares it all: the good, the bad, and the ugly... in addition to the cute and photogenic.