When The '90s Made You Wish You Were An Only Child

by Megan Grant

If you grew up with siblings, then you likely remember all the fun you had as a kid, thanks to them. You also probably remember all the times you wished you were an only child in the '90s — because having siblings isn't always the easiest. As kids, we're dramatic, sensitive, and blow everything out of proportion. Put more than one child in a room at the same time, and there's guaranteed to be a nuclear meltdown at some point. Maybe someone stole your toy or ate your candy or cut the hair off all your Barbie dolls (cruel!). Sometimes, our brothers and sisters were our best friends; other times, they were ruining our lives and you'd go screaming for Mom.

Parents perform the most challenging juggling act of all and wear so many hats: They're chefs, chauffeurs, housekeepers, coaches, teachers, nurses, and — if the arguments we got into with our siblings were any indication — negotiators, therapists, and mediators. I don't think we really wished that our siblings would disappear when we were younger; rather, we just fantasized about how amazing it would be as an only child (even though it'd probably get a little bit lonely). Very often, such fantasies were brought upon by difficult times such as these.


Christmastime, Because You Wanted To Get More Presents

It's basic math: The more children there are, the fewer presents each one gets. Math sucks like that.


When You Constantly Had Matching Outfits With Your Sister

Your mom thought you looked "too cute for words!" Matching outfits made you want to barf.


When Your Brother Ate The Last Pack Of Gushers



When Your Parents Kept Mixing Up All Of Your Names

She'd run through all five children plus both of your dogs before finally settling on your name.


When Your Grandparents Gave You Money And Told You To Share It

Share? What am I supposed to do — split this five-dollar bill in half? That's not how money works, Gramps.


When Your Teachers Talked Nonstop About How Amazing Your Older Sibling Was

Yes, yes, we all know. You can stop talking now.


When You And Your Sib Fought And Your Mom Made You Apologize First

If you didn't, you were threatened with more matching outfits. Life wasn't fair.


When Your Sister Drew Mustaches On All Your Britney Spears Posters

And Christina Aguilera. And Mandy Moore.


... And Then All Over Your JTT Posters

Alright, that's just going too far.


When Your Big Bro Ratted You Out And Told Everyone You Stuffed Your Bra

For the record, it was toilet paper, not paper towel.


When A Sibling Broke The VCR And Blamed You For It

Lies. All lies.


When Your Sister Got To Get Her Ears Pierced At Claire's But You Didn't

All of that just because she was a few years older. Whatever, Mom.


When Your Brother Killed Your Tamagotchi

He promised he'd feed it and clean up its poo while you were away at camp. He lied.


That Time Your Sister Recorded Over Your VHS Copy Of "Homeward Bound"

That's it. We're done here.