14 Weird But Genius Gifts Any Grown-Ass Man Needs

Between holidays, birthdays, and the random congratulatory occasion, staying on top of your gift-giving game is hard — especially for those difficult-to-shop-for people in your life. For me, it's a real struggle finding gifts for grown-ass men (read: my dad, partner, brother, or any adult that's male identifying) — until recently, that is.

As a grown-ass woman myself, I have started to hone my guy-gifting craft and I have learned one valuable lesson: the key component of a great gift is practicality, and it's something that will serve you well with any gift you're giving. A gift that's not just purely aesthetic won't sit on their shelf gathering dust. So when buying a gift for any adult in your life, ask yourself if they'll like it and if they'll actually use it. If the answer is yes to both, then you're good to go.

Is the man in your life a whiskey connoisseur? Buy them something exciting for their bar. Are they the adventurous type? Find them something that will assist them on their next camping trip. Whether they’re a wannabe mixologist, an explorer, a tech geek, or a renaissance man, there are so many weird but genius gifts that they’ll love getting some use out of.


An Air Fryer For Healthier Fried Food

Fry food without dunking it in oil, because this air fryer operates with zero oil. Cook up some crispy food (there are settings for chicken, steak, chips, meat, shrimp, and fish) with ease. The adjustable temperature controls allow you to cook food quickly and efficiently.


A Sophisticated Charging Station

Geeks and Luddites alike will love this practical charging station. It can charge your tablet, smartwatch, and two phones at once while also organizing your cords. The lightweight station is an excellent solution to cluttered desks and night tables and is available in several finishes to match any aesthetic.


A Belt That Has No Notches

Unlike a sweater or a pair of shoes, you don't need to know your guys' size to buy them this LINXX Buckle belt because it's unique design ensures a perfect fit. Instead of notches in the belt band that wear out and rip, this belt features a slide-lock system. Simply slide the belt through the buckle, let go, and it will auto lock. The durable belt is stylish, and comes in 24 different finishes.


A Tiny Key That Has Does Everything

This lightweight titanium multi-tool key fits on your keychain so it will always be there when you need it. It has a blade that can be used as a letter opener, box cutter, cuticle pusher, peeler, and more. It's got a bottle opener, too, for those times you really need a beer.


A Pack Of These Fancy Twist Ties

These reusable rubber twist ties are perfect for organizing cords and headphones, sure, but they're also great for keeping snacks closed, holding plant stems up, and anything else you can think of. They’re waterproof and made from soft rubber that holds up against the elements, and they won’t leave scratches like plastic cable ties would.


An Aluminum-Free Deodorant With Absorbent Witch Hazel

Control odor-causing bacteria with an aluminum-free deodorant that’s perfect for the grown-ass man in your life who’s always running around. It’s made with lichen extract, which is naturally antibacterial, and it's also got cotton extract and witch hazel which help absorb wetness. It'll keep anyone feeling fresh all day without clogging pores, so gift this to the guy who has sensitive skin but keeps using traditional deodorants.


A Survival Bracelet That Unwraps To Become Rope

This bracelet is made from military-grade paracord, and it's also a multifunctional tool featuring a high-quality compass, fire scraper, flint fire starter, emergency knife, and emergency whistle. You can even unbraid the rope and use it to set traps, help sturdy a camping tent, and more. This one will be perfect for any guy who likes to enter any situation overly prepared.


A Day Planner Designed For Productivity

This planner isn't your average calendar. Instead of pages divided by day or time, there are prompts for prioritizing your to-do lists and maximizing your productivity so you can stay on top of your week, not just plan it — and really, is there any better gift than the sense of accomplishment?


A Mini Vacuum For Desktop Crumbs

This mini vacuum is tiny but mighty, and can be charged with a battery or USB. It comes with multiple sweeper tools so it can reach even the toughest corners and a dust case, so there’s no need to replace any bags (and it's easy to empty and clean). Use this to pick up coffee grounds, crumbs, and all that stuff lingering in your keyboard.


A Massage Pillow For At Home Or On The Go

Relieve pain and tension at home, in your office, or in the car with this heated massaging pillow. This pillow is easy to transport anywhere, and it's made with an infrared heating system that soothe muscle tightness. It features four deep kneading shiatsu massage rollers that help improve blood circulation and leave you feeling comfortable and relaxed.


A Coin Holder For Your Keychain

Instead of digging through seat cushions and searching the floor of the car for any available coins, this waterproof aluminum capsule keeps quarters easy to find on any key ring. For those that do laundry, or drive frequently enough to need coins for meters or tolls, this is a great gift.


Double-Walled Tumblers That Keep Drinks Colder For Longer

Alcohol aficionados like their whiskies, bourbons, and scotches chilled, but not watered down. These double-walled glasses actually keeps drinks colder longer, so ice melts slower, for smoother sipping. If you're tired of giving whiskey stones as gifts, this is a more interesting alternative. One happy reviewer says, " I purchased this set as a gift for my brother in law who likes to have the occasional Old Fashioned. He loves these glasses so much he uses them as an everyday household cup because it keeps drinks so cold for so long!"


A Collapsible Leak-Proof Water Bottle To Bring Anywhere

This water bottle is perfect for the guy who likes to travel, hike, or exercise on the go. Fold it up when you’re not using it for easy transport, then unfold it to fill with a hot or cold beverage. The packable bottle is durable, shatterproof, BPA free and leakproof — it even comes with a lifetime warranty.


A Collapsible Tool That Can Start Fires On Wet Firewood

This pocket bellow helps to build fires safely in minutes no matter how wet or dry the firewood is. It also can extend to 20 inches to allow you to keep a safe distance from the flames when it’s time to add oxygen to it. And it comes with a carrying case!

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