15 Things Every Book-Lover Needs To Buy At Target ASAP

by Kerri Jarema

It's a tale as old as time: you go into Target looking for one thing, maybe a new mascara or some toilet paper, and you walk out with a cart piled high full of amazingness that you never planned to be taking home with you. OK, but the point is that Target is basically a one-stop shop for everything you could ever want or need: clothes, housewares, beauty, and yes, even books. Whatever you need, you can find it at Target, and chances are super high that it will be affordable, stylish, and the envy of all of your friends when it inevitably sells out before they can get to it.

And as a book-lover, there are more than a few bookish items from Target that you will take one look at and totally fall head over heels in love with. Need a new notebook to keep track of your book reviews in? Desperate to spruce up your reading space with an affordably chic throw pillow? Just need a new bookshelf to house your overflowing TBR pile? Target's got it, and you can bet that you won't be able to resist adding it to your cart. Below are 15 picks from different departments that will set your bookish heart aflutter.

A Chic Marble Notebook To Write All Of Your Bookish Thoughts In

If you're someone who still likes to do their organizing offline, and you would always rather keep track of your thoughts on paper, you're going to be needing a nice notebook or two. And one of them should be designated for all of your bookish ideas, lists, favorite quotes, ratings, etc. So why not make it super chic and stylish while you're at it? The above marble edition (with gold edged pages!) is a must-buy at only $7.

Marble Journal, $7, Target

A Mug That Will Put You In A Sunny Frame Of Mind

Reading and warm drinks go hand in hand, but since its almost spring and you can obviously never have too many mugs on hand, this sunshiny one should be a definite add to cart item. For only $5 you get a study stoneware mug that will make your smile every time you take a sip.

Glazed Stoneware Mug, 5, Target

A Circle Shelf That Will House Your Favorite Books The Chic Way

Forget the conventional bookshelf in favor of this gold circular beauty where you can display all of your favorite reads. Just imagine your prettiest special editions, boldest covers, or even your well-worn paperbacks all taking center stage in the room. Add a couple of plants, and a beloved tchotchke or two for a literary centerpiece both functional and beautiful.

Pillowfort Circle Shelf, $30, Target

A Mirrored Side Table That Will Make You Excited To Grow A TBR Pile

We all need a bedside table for stacking our current reads on, right? So I say go the extra mile with this gorgeous gold and glass side table. Add a lamp and a vase of flowers, and you'll have the chicest bedside table ever.

International Luxe Side Table, $60, Target

A Wall Grid To Post All Of Your Favorite Bookish Quotes On

We all have our favorite book quotes, and even bookish postcards that we would love to put to better display somewhere... but where? Problem solved with this chic gold wall grid. It comes with gold clips to display your favorite photos, postcards, and drawings, and it will fit in seamlessly no matter the design of your room or home.

Wall Grid, $10, Target

Spring Ready Pajamas You'll Want To Read In All Day Long

There is no better attire for a full day reading sesh than a good pair of comfy pajamas. But it's time to turn in your worn-out sweatpants and thick robes for some spring-worthy shorts a t-shirts. Look no further than this adorable set, with retro piping details and modern colors for a pajamas you won't feel at all embarrassed to be caught wearing at 2 p.m. on a Saturday.

Women's Pajama Set, $19, Target

Bookish Enamel Pins To Add Your Jean Jacket Because You Can Never Have Enough

OK, maybe you have had your fill of bookish enamel pins, or maybe you're like the rest of us and you just can't stop collecting them. If you count yourself among the latter, this adorable set is a must-buy. Add them to your new denim jacket or tote bag to put a little literary spring in your step.

Pin Pals Book Buds Enamel Pins, $13, Target

Magnetic Book Marks That Will Keep Your Place In Style

Magnetic bookmarks are the bookish accessory du jour at the moment, but even I was shocked at just how affordable these sweet Brit + Co. page holders were. For $3 you get a pack of five gorgeously designed, super functional bookmarks that you will love so much you'll never forget to pop one in your bag to avoid those dog-ear emergencies.

Brit + Co. Magnetic Bookmarks, $3, Target

A T-Shirt That Lets Everyone Know Just How Much You Love Books

Wear your heart on your chest with this t-shirt that proclaims your truth: The book was better, end of story. Whether you wear this one out and about, for pajamas, or only slip it on when you're at home reading, you need to add this graphic tee to your closet, ASAP.

'The Book Was Better' Graphic T-Shirt, $13, Target

A Hanging Planter To Bring Some Life To Your Reading Space

Whether you're a real or faux plant person, you can't deny that adding a little greenery to your scenery takes whatever space you're in from blah to beautiful in about two seconds flat. Add this gorgeous geometric white and gold wall hanger into the mix and you've got the coolest room around with minimal effort and cash.

Succulent Wall Geometric Hanging, $12, Target

A Fluffy Millennial Pink Pillow To Lounge On As You Read

Not all pillows are created equal, as this fluffy millennial pink number is here to prove. It looks like it was plucked from right from the reading chair of the best-dressed, most put together gal in history, but it's only $25. Yeah, you need this in your life. Go click add to cart right. now.

Textured Faux Fur Square Throw Pillow, $25, Target

A Lavender Candle To Set A Soothing Scene For A Night In

Candles always set the reading mood, but a lavender scented one will really take the mood from stressed to chill the second you light the wick. Bonus points for a pretty painted tin that you'll want to keep and hide trinkets in once the candle is done.

Herb & Irma Lavender Candle, $6, Target

Tropical Inspired Book Ends To Bring The Warmer Weather In

It's not quite beach weather yet, but that doesn't mean you can't bring the spring and summer weather inside all year long with some timeless tropical accents. Start with these cute white pineapple book ends that will add some interest and quirky fun to your shelves... with gold accents that elevate the pair from kitschy to stylish.

Pineapple Bookends, $20, Target

A Tea Kettle That Looks Way More Expensive Than It Actually Is

If you're going to own a teakettle (which you are, because you're a reader and you need coffee, tea and hot chocolate all day every day) it might as well look good while it boils your water, right?

Chantal Tilt Teakettle, $30, Target

A Luna Lovegood Inspired Hoodie That You'll Never Want To Take Off

Luna Lovegood, style icon and all around heroine of the masses, inspired this simple cozy hoodie and yes, you need it in your wardrobe. Just imagine how comfy you'll be snuggled up in your reading chair on chilly spring nights with this on? The adorable quote is just a bonus.

'Exceptionally Ordinary' Graphic Hoodie, $20, Target