25 Literary Enamel Pins To Add Some Bookish Swag To Your Beach Bag

Summer is in full swing, which means if you're lucky, you have plenty of beach reading days ahead of you. Next time you head to the shore, make sure you bring the perfect paperback, polarizing sunglasses to cut the glare on the pages, and plenty of bookish pins for your beach bag full of summer reading.

When you're a bookworm, it's a fact you share loudly and proudly with everyone you know. If someone is looking for a reading recommendation, you're happy to give it. When you're redecorating your house, you draw inspiration from your favorite books. Every Halloween, you pick a costume inspired by your literary hero. Even when you go to the beach, you make sure to display your love of books, one way or the other.

Whether you carry a bookish beach bag packed with hot summer reads, lay out to tan on literary-themed towels, or sip strictly out of water bottles branded with book quotes, you're always sporting something that celebrates their love for all things literary, like these 25 bookish pins perfect for every bookworm's summer wardrobe. Perfect for the lapel of your jean jacket or the strap of your beach bag, there's something in this collection that will tickle your bibliophile fancy.

1. Read More

Fable & Black on Etsy

Keep your to-do list with you at all times with this "Read More" pin. Straight forward and cute as hell, it's the perfect accessory addition to any bookworm's outfit.

Read More Pin, $8.78, Fable & Black on Etsy

2. Leaf of Lorien

ArdaArts on Etsy

Join your favorite band of mythical heroes by wearing the Leaf of Lorien pin, just like the friends of Lord of the Rings.

Leaf of Lorian Pin, $6.75, ArdaArts on Etsy

3. Go Away, I'm Reading

loufandpuddle on Etsy

Save yourself of saying out loud what you want everyone to understand with this "Go away, I'm busy" enamel pin. Featuring cute cat ears, there's so much to love about this cute and sassy pin.

Go Away, I'm Busy Pin, $10, Loufandpuddle on Etsy

4. Book Dragon

Rather Keen on Etsy

Forget being a bookworm, you're a book dragon, and this beautiful beastly pin proves it. Available in a variety of colors, you can find one to match every one of your book bags.

Book Dragon Pin, $11, Rather Keen on Etsy

5. Jon Snow

The Found on Etsy

Keep the King of the North close to your heart with this Jon Snow pin featuring the face of the most handsome Stark son alive.

Jon Snow Pin, $9.75, The Found on Etsy

6. The Book Was Better

Punky Pins on Etsy

Truer words have never been spoken, nor have they ever been printed on a pin.

The Book Was Better Pin, $8.10, Punky Pins on Etsy

7. Book Shop

Rather Keen on Etsy

No matter where you go, bring a book shop along with you with this adorable black and white pin.

Book Shop Pin, $10, Rather Keen on Etsy

8. Jane Austen Quote

Fable and Black on Etsy

There are few bookworms as elegant as Jane Austen, which is why her quote about reading makes such a perfect bookish pin. Brightly colored and boldly worded, this small and simple pin says a lot in just a few words.

Jane Austen Quote Pin, $8.78, Fable and Black on Etsy

9. Beauty and the Book

Oh Hello Stationary Co. on Etsy

Available in a variety of hair colors and skin tones, these Beauty and the Book pins are basically selfies in pin form.

Beauty and the Book Pin, $8.95, Oh Hello Stationary Co on Etsy

11. Books and Tea

Icey Designs on Etsy

Featuring a stack of tiny books and the most precious tea cup to ever exist in enamel form, this pin has everything a reader needs to be happy.

Books and Tea Pin, $9.45, Icey Designs on Etsy

12. Romeow + Juliet

Frankie Print Co. on Etsy

Puns and cats collide in this cute and clever enamel pin starring every reader's favorite animal.

Romeow and Juliet Pin, $14, Frankie Print Co on Etsy

13. The Order of the Phoenix

Fairy Cakes on Etsy

If you've always wanted to become a member of the Order of the Phoenix, this pin may be your only choice. It's bold and bright, just like your love for Harry Potter.

The Order of the Phoenix Pin, $9.45, Fairy Cakes on Etsy

14. Just One More Chapter

Literary Emporium on Etsy

Forget your responsibilities and keep on reading with the encouragement of this Penguin Classics-style "One More Chapter" pin.

Just One More Chapter Pin, $9.45, Literary Emporium on Etsy

15. The Elements of Style

Jane Mount on Etsy

For the reader who is also an aspiring author, this The Elements of Style pin pays tribute to every writer's favorite writing guide. Small and adorable, it's the perfect accessory to add to your beach bag full of pens and notebooks.

The Elements of Style Book Pin, $11, Jane Mount on Etsy

16. Well Read

Word for Word Factory on Etsy

Brag about how much of a bookworm you are with this simple but expressive "Well Read" pin that names you what you are.

Well Read Pin, $10, Word for Word Factory on Etsy

17. Feminist Bookworm

Fox and Wit on Etsy

A label any reader should be proud to wear, this Feminist Bookworm pin is the perfect gift for everyone in your Emma Watson-inspired book club.

Feminist Bookworm Pin, $10, Fox and Wit on Etsy

18. Typewriter

John Moniker on Etsy

Have you ever seen a more adorable typewriter in your whole life? Yeah, me either.

Typewriter Pin, $8.50, John Moniker on Etsy

19. Shark Book

Badaboom Studio on Etsy

The perfect pin for your bookish beach bag, this shark-inspired accessory couldn't be any more seasonally appropriate.

Shark Book Pin, $9.40, Badaboom Studio on Etsy

20. Booked for the Weekend

ilootpaperie on Etsy

If your weekends are full of fiction, make sure your book back is full of pins like these.

Booked for the Weekend, $10, ilootpaperie on Etsy

21. Bookworm

Flapper Doodle on Etsy

Be the most stylish bookworm with this bold black and white broach proudly proclaiming your official title.

Bookworm Pin, $13, Flapper Doodle on Etsy

22. Check Out Books Not Boys

Punky Pins on Etsy

If you need relationship advice, look no further than this library-themed pin. Bearing the words "Check out books not boys," this is one commandment I'm happy to follow.

Check Out Books, Not Boys Pin, $9.45, Punky Pins on Etsy

23. Virginia Woolf

Literary Emporium on Etsy

Wear your icon on your sleeve (or your beach bag) with this Virginia Woolf badge. Complete with the words "Thinking is my fighting," this pin couldn't be more lovely or timely.

Virginia Woolf, $9.45, Literary Emporium on Etsy

24. Get Lost

Stationary Bicycles on Etsy

Who doesn't love getting lost in a good story? It's clear the reader on this must-have pin knows whats up.

Get Lost Pin, $10, Stationary Bicycles on Etsy

25. Quiet, Please

Punky Pins on Etsy

This fun pin, which features a cute cat, warm cup of tea, and some peace and quiet, basically sums up a bookworm's perfect afternoon. It just so happens to be the bookworm's perfect pin, too.

Quiet, Please Pin, $9.45, Punky Pins on Etsy