15 'Bachelor In Paradise' Alums Who Found Love Outside Of The Show

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

There are so many Bachelor and Bachelorette alums who I would love to see looking for love on Bachelor in Paradise, but unfortunately, some of my favorites won't be sipping mimosas with Chris Harrison this summer. I am happy for them, though, because a lot of the former Bachelor in Paradise cast members have found love in the real world. This means that we won't get to watch them on television, but true fans are surely happy for their favorite cast members.

The Bachelor in Paradise Season 4 cast hasn't officially been announced yet, but there are some alums who will almost certainly not be returning. A few of them got married and others are just coupled up and done with the dating scene. Good for them. It's a bummer for the viewers, but we will deal with it. (I just have to keep reminding myself that this is a positive thing.)

Thankfully, there are a lot of new contenders from the latest Bachelor and there will be even more from Rachel Lindsay's Bachelorette season, but you need to mentally prepare yourself if you were looking forward to watching these former BiP stars mingle at a Mexico resort. They are off the market.

1. Sarah Herron

Sarah Herron made her status loud and clear by posting this photo with boyfriend Dylan Brown and captioning it with "Happily not returning to Bachelor in Paradise this summer. #ParadiseFound #Sarahdise#adventurebuds ...but I will miss Jorge." We will miss you, Sarah! I'm so happy she found someone worthy of her time.

2. AshLee Frazier

Congratulations to AshLee Frazier since she just got married to Aaron Williams. Not only is she done with reality TV dating, but dating in general, and I'm sure she is happy about that.

3. Lacy Faddoul

Even though Lacy Faddoul got "married" to Marcus Grodd after meeting on the first BiP season, she is now dating real estate broker Jason Streatfeild. They are both posting a ton of romantic photos, so it's safe to assume they're going strong.

4. Marcus Grodd

Lacy isn't the only one rebounding. Marcus Grodd and his girlfriend, Ally Lutar, own a home together, which sounds pretty serious to me.

5. Michelle Money

Us Weekly broke the news that Michelle Money is dating golfer Mike Weir back in August 2016. They both live in Utah and, Mike even let Michelle caddy for him at The Masters this year.

6. Lace Morris

Believe it or not, Bachelor alums use dating apps, too. In an interview with E!, Lace Morris talked about meeting her boyfriend, Russell, on Bumble earlier this year. Lace shared, "We started talking at the beginning of January very nonchalantly." She added, "After about two months, we finally went on our first date after not talking for a couple of weeks and we just immediately hit it off and it's crazy, we've been inseparable since!" Grant who?

7. Tenley Molzahn

If you thought Tenley Molzahn was offended that she didn't get invited to Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert's wedding, you couldn't be more wrong. In an interview with Bustle's Will You Accept This Podcast? in February 2016, Tenley revealed that she went went on a pivotal date with Taylor Leopold that weekend instead. Tenley explained, "There was a reason why I wasn't supposed to be at that wedding." She said, "I ended up having the best second date of my life."

8. Robert Graham

All Bachelor fans are well aware that Robert Graham is dating Bachelor alum Becca Tilley. In a Q & A session with her fans on Instagram, Becca revealed how they met: "He slid into my DMs on Twitter."

9. Brooks Forester

If you follow Brooks Forester on Instagram, you aren't at all surprised that he's in this list. He hasn't addressed his romantic status in an any interviews, but he has a million photos with Lauren Young. He even captioned on of their Instagram photos with "The discussion of whether we should get a dog has begun...and I think I'm winning!" Sharing a dog makes a relationship pretty legit in my opinion.

10. Chris Bukowski

After appearing on The Bachelorette, Bachelor Pad, and Bachelor in Paradise, Chris Bukowski is no longer striving to get a rose on reality TV — or at least that's what I gather from looking at his social media posts. He and a woman named Carlee Fugate seem to spend a lot of time together, and I'm sure Chris is happy that he is done enduring rose ceremonies.

11. Ashley Salter

Ashley Salter can enjoy BiP from this summer in the comfort of her own home with her husband, Austin Brannen, and their son, Brooks. According to People, Ashley and Austin got married in August 2017 after previously dating in college.

12. Dan Cox

It's pretty obvious that Dan Cox will not be back on Bachelor in Paradise this summer since he is dating Natalie Tenerelli. Good for him. I imagine that BiP is a lot more fun to watch when you're not on it.

14. Lauren Himle

Unfortunately, Lauren joined BiP late in the game last summer, so she didn't have a fair shot at finding love at the Mexican resort. It was definitely for the best though since she's been dating Tim Ponton.

15. Izzy Goodkind

I'm still not over Izzy ditching Vinny Ventiera for a man with a lamp who ended up dumping her. I was pulling for a Vizzy revival this summer, but Izzy is way past that at this point. Unfortunately for the viewers (but fortunately for Izzy), she's in a relationship with Matt Trembicki.

It's so hard trying to deal with the mixed emotions here. As a fan, you want to see your favorites back on Bachelor in Paradise. Nevertheless, it's nice to know that they are genuinely happy in their current relationships.