15 Beautifully Written Sad Books That Will Have You Running For Tissues By Page 100

If you're looking for a downright gorgeous novel that will make you cry heaps of tears, these 15 beautifully written, sad books are for you. These books will tear out your heart, burn it, and dance in the ashes, but they'll also compel you to share them with every book-lover you know.

Whether we're talking about Animal Farm, Anna Karenina, or A Series of Unfortunate Events, one this is for certain — my favorite books are tragedies. If I'm feeling sad, or caught up in a depressive episode, the last thing I want to read about is something funny, silly, or otherwise frivolous. Give me more trauma and agony, please, if only so I don't feel alone in my painful state.

Obviously, YMMV. I think we can all agree, however, that some of the best books have some truly terrible, tearjerking moments between their covers. Sometimes, I don't even notice how sad a sad book is, just because it is so wonderfully written, and then I catch a ton of flack from the people to whom I recommend books — usually my book nerd of a mother — who went running for the tissues by page 100.

Check out my recommendations below: