15 Beauty Products For Your Gym Bag That Totally Simplify Post-Workout Primping

Working out can be invigorating — blood starts circulating, and happiness-inducing endorphins flood your system. But feeling great on the inside doesn't mean you're feeling great on the outside. There's nothing worse than feeling gross and goopy after a workout, and these 15 beauty products for the gym are perfect to throw in your gym bag this summer.

Everyone has their own definition of beauty. Some like to go in full beat to the gym (like myself), while others like to go liberatingly makeup-free. But we can all agree that working out can wreak havoc on our bodies, internally and externally. Maybe you come straight from work and need to remove your makeup in a flash before your yoga class. Perhaps your going from your local gym to a first date without time for a full shower. Or maybe you're running through Central Park before meeting your friends for Sunday brunch. These 15 products make the transition from working to working out to going out even easier.

All of these items are travel-friendly and won't take up super valuable space in your coat/purse/backpack. Many of them are specifically geared toward the active mover, and a majority are sweat-proof and multi-use. If you're tired of looking like a panda after your cardio tap class, then get ready for these pre- and post-workout products that are almost as powerful as you.

1. Urban Decay Meltdown Cleansing Oil Stick

Urban Decay Meltdown Cleansing Oil Stick, $26, Sephora

In our modern day and age, time moves so quickly. If you're running from office desk to zumba class before happy hour ends, you definitely won't have time to run home and cleanse the work (and makeup) from your face. This new cleansing stick from Urban Decay is perfectly portable to throw in your bag. There's no risk of it spilling all over your change of clothes, and it's even TSA size-approved. Just massage over makeup, apply water, and rinse off. No muss, no fuss!

2. Clinique Pep-Start Cleansing Swipes Pop-Ups

Clinique Pep-Start Cleansing Swipes Pop-Ups, $5, Sephora

If you go to the gym sans makeup or early morning, these wipes are going to be your best baes. Each container comes with nine individually-packaged wipes. Take one or two with you before you're out the door. When you're ready to use them, just push on the center of the circular plastic package and a fresh wipe will rise up. Gone are the days of dried up wipes from poor sealant on packages. Plus, these wipes will immediately refresh and rejuvinate skin while removing all dirt, oil, and debris.

3. FRÉ Revive Me Deep Replenishing Serum

FRÉ Revive Me Deep Replenishing Serum, $65, FRE Skincare

This brand was specifically designed for the active woman. The skincare products are meant to move and breath in a way the won't inhibit vision or active performance while taking sweat and exercise-centric skincare concerns into consideration. This specific serum is meant for post-workout application. It combats the short and long term harm caused by sweat mixing with UVA, UVB, and IRA rays. It replenishes the skin's lost vitamins and minerals all while regenerating collagen (elasticity and firmness) of the skin.

4. Origins Hit Refresh™ Cooling Moisturizer With Hawaiian Mineral Water

Origins Hit Refresh™ Cooling Moisturizer With Hawaiian Mineral Water, $65, Sephora

This cream-gel formula quickly absorbs into dehydrated skin. It's cooling on contact, making it perfect for a post-workout refresher, or even a pre-workout prep. Hawaiian Mineral Water helps to boost depleted mineral levels while gurana helps to boost energy.

5. Shiseido UV Protective Liquid Foundation

Shiseido UV Protective Liquid Foundation, $36, Sephora

If you like to do your exercising outside, then this is the perfect foundation for you. It's lightweight, transfer-resistant, and won't break apart due to oil, sebum, water, sweat, or any other unexpected environmental factors. The high SPF isn't too shabby either.

6. Sweat Cosmetics Twist-Brush + Mineral Foundation SPF 30

Sweat Cosmetics Twist-Brush + Mineral Foundation SPF 30, $42, Sephora

This brand is literally called "Sweat," so you know it's real. This line was developed by professional and Olympic athletes who truly tested to the max. It's water and sweat resistant for up to 80 minutes of exposure. It's dermatologist approved, won't clog pores, and will give your skin a healthy boost of antioxidants and Vitamin E. The product-in-brush application system makes applying on the go easier than ever. If you're a girl who sweats, then Sweat Cosmetics was made for you.

7. Kinx Gel Eyeliner

Kinx Gel Eyeliner, $15, KINX

Kinx is a company created "by fitness freaks for fitness freaks," so they can look good in "even the sweatiest of situations." Their gel eyeliner is not only smudge-proof, but sweat-proof as well! It's a twist-up pencil with a tiny sharpener in the tail end, making it perfect for post-gym touch-ups.

8. Bite Beauty Multistick

Bite Beauty Multistick, $24, Sephora

This compact little cutie will solve all your post-workout pre-date woes. It functions as an eyeshadow, blush, and lip product. Just apply straight to your skin and smudge out with your fingers. It's blendable, breathable, and forumulated with all food-grade ingredients.

9. Tarte Lifted Sweatproof Mascara

Tarte Lifted™ Sweatproof Mascara, $23, Sephora

Sweatproof is really the name of the game. This truly soft, black-brown waterproof mascara is perfect for that "no makeup makeup" look. No need to worry about mascara running into your eyes while you're running on the treadmill. It even contains antioxidants and Amazonian Clay to promote healthy lashes and future growth.

10. Milk Makeup Cooling Water

Milk Makeup Cooling Water, $24, Sephora

This cooling stick is super weird and super awesome. It contains caffeine to improve circulation and sea water to soothe the skin. You can use it under the eye to reduce puffiness, apply it all over the face as a makeup primer, and rub it onto the back of the neck and the wrists to help cool down the body after an intense work out. It's a cool down in a bottle.

11. Tata Harper Recovery Gel

Tata Harper Recovery Gel, $42, Sephora

If you go all out during your workouts, then this might be the product for you. This recovery gel contains arnica, which calms and eases discomfort, and a blend on essential oils that immediately cool the affected areas and help to relieve pain. It even hydrates and smoothes skin with the help of shea butter and aloe. At 1.7 oz, it's the perfect size to keep in your gym or travel back.

12. Yuni Flash Bath No-Rinse Body Cleansing Foam

Yuni Flash Bath No-Rinse Body Cleansing Foam, $22, Sephora

It's like Febreeze for your body. Like the packaging straight-forwardly states, this no-rinse body cleanser immediately wicks away sweat, dirt, and odor. It's perfect for those gyms with sketchy shower situations.

13. Murad Clarifying Body Spray

Murad Clarifying Body Spray, $40, Sephora

If you're prone to bodily acne, especially oil and sweat-caused break outs, then this product will be your best friend. This soft spray contains salicylic acid to treat current and prevent future breakouts. It also contains menthol to calm and soothe your irritated and/or tired skin. The risk of acne doesn't have to prevent you from exercising anymore.

14. Bad, Baby Dry Shampoo Pen

Bad, Baby Dry Shampoo Pen, $10, Amazon

Dry shampoo in a cute little pink portable pen! Can life get any cuter? Vante Brands, the name behind Bad, Baby, is owned and run by 22-year-old Alexander Shlaferman, who invented retailed his first product at age 16. If that's not astounding enough to get behind this brand, then I don't know what is. This itty, bitty dry shampoo fits in even the smallest of gym bags and instantly refreshes the hair. It's small, but mighty. You can spritz it up to 200 times!

15. Lavanila Sport Luxe Deodorant

Lavanila Sport Luxe Deodorant, $17, Amazon

Lavanila's healthy deodorants are free of harsh chemicals, aluminum, silicone, petrochemicals, propylene glycol, mineral oil, formaldehyde, and synthetic fragrance or dyes. If you have any sensitivity to ingredients, or if you're just cautious about what you're putting on and in your body, Lavanila will be your perfect workout companion. Their sport luxe stick has been tested and created to break down odor-causing sweat molecules and keep you feeling fresher for longer with a soft vanilla scent. It's even an Allure Best of Beauty 2016 winner.

Whether you like to work out makeup free, or beat for the gods, these skin, hair, and facial products will keep you happy, healthy, and glowing for days.