15 Beauty Products With Near-Perfect Reviews You Need To Try

Lush, Sephora

In an age where bloggers reign supreme, YouTube is practically the Bible for beauty lovers. It's the ultimate source for discovering all you need to know about a product before making a major investment. But uncovering the tried and true beauty products with near-perfect reviews sometimes means kicking it old school and diving into the comments section of a retailer's website.

It's no secret that beauty enthusiasts are some of the most relentless consumers. Whether it's a lipstick that claims to last through a meal or a serum that's reported to minimize the appearance of pores, the promises that beauty products make are pretty damn serious. So when a product doesn't live up to the hype, beauty junkies are sure to give their super brutally honest two cents. After all, having your time, money, and effort wasted when something doesn't perform as it should is enough to make you want to blow off a whole lot of steam.

But just as quickly as a product can get a bad rep, the best hair, skin, and makeup buys can easily have their praises sung. Worthy of your next big beauty haul, these 15 products have earned their near 5-star ratings from the customers that swear by them.

1. This Iconic Set Of Neutrals

2. This Multipurpose Mist

3. This Bath Transformer

4. This Classic Scent

5. This Universal Lippie

6. This Fiery Shadow Set

7. These Face Essentials

8. This Sparkly Lid Topper

9. This Do-It-All Spritz

10. This Makeup Eraser

11. This Soothing Lotion

12. This Highly-Rated Treatment

13. This Brow Definer

14. This Overnight Miracle Worker

15. This Cult-Favorite Blush

Put your faith in online beauty reviews and you'll never have to regret a single purchase again. They're the key to getting your hands on the best of the best that the beauty industry has to offer.