15 Books Set In Chilly Climates To Help You Beat The Heat This Summer

As you have probably already realized, many Americans are in the midst of hot and muggy summer. Temperatures are soaring and pit stains run rampant. Some people will tell you that this is the perfect weather for lying on a beach somewhere with a fun, summery paperback, all about people having thrilling adventures or falling in love on Martha's Vineyard. But I'm going to level with you: the beach is not fun (at least, not when the humidity goes higher than 70%). Summer reads are all well and good for days when you want to lay out in the sun in a cute sundress, but sometimes what you really want is to be indoors, in your old soccer shorts from eight grade, blasting the air conditioning and dreaming of cold, icy climes. These are the chilly summer reads to pick up when you need to beat the heat.

Of course, the anti-summer read is not so easy to define. These books come from all over the map: firsthand accounts of traversing arctic and antarctic regions, snowbound mysteries, sci-fi stories about frigid other worlds and, of course, tales of ordinary people living life in northern cities where it isn't 90 degrees Fahrenheit in the shade. So crank up the A/C, heat up the hot cocoa, and take a break from summer for a while: