15 Cities You Should Visit More Than Once

by Brittany Bennett
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The world is big and there are plenty of vacant spaces on the Atlas covering half of your bedroom wall to stick potential pins into. But, sometimes, when traveling, you find a nook of the world that feels a lot like home. And suddenly you turn a blind eye to the bucket list. That's OK. There are many cities you should go back to more than once. It's not like you're ignoring the rest of the world, you're simply embracing a corner of it more intently.

Unraveling a flakey cornetto mid-morning with the Ponte Vecchio in view secured Florence as my top travel destination. In the years since, I have returned to Italy multiple times, each purchase of a ticket fueled, admittedly, entirely by the sugar dusted crust of an Italian pastry. And once I have that cornetto in hand, again, fears of missing out on the rest of the world dissolve. I'll get there.

We travel to experience plates dressed in authentic delights of which we can't experience to that certain degree at home. We travel to meet new people, expand perspective and dip our toes in the crystal water that we have only known as our screen savers. When you find your slice of bliss, somewhere on the map, explore it again and again until you have the route from the airport to your favorite bakery sealed into your memory like the address of your childhood home.

Besides, there are always new places in the same, old cities to discover.

Rome, Italy

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You've heard the expression: Rome wasn't built in a day. And so, you can't even explore it, or soak up its essence in a single day. The many neighborhoods of Rome beg for your undivided attention. And each deserve an entire vacations worth of your time. Dip into trattorias, markets and get around by bus. Their are ancient sites and plenty plates of pasta to gawk at again and again.

New York, New York

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There are five boroughs and 27 subway lines. Needless to say, there is a lot to dig into in the city that doesn't sleep. Get your rest on your next trip to New York knowing that you'll be back to seek out more fun in this ever evolving city.

Florence, Italy

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Ah, Florence. The buzz of vespas zig zagging between tourists. The abundance of tagliatelle. The unending fashion inspiration. This hub in Tuscany deserves your attention to detail. You should return to this city many times in your lifetime if only to find more treasures at Mercato di Sant'Ambrogio.

Paris, France

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Who can say no to a second trip to the City of Love? Say Oui! TripAdvisor has listed an Eiffel Tower Summit with Priority Access as one of the all time popular experience. You can't ever tire of twinkling views.

Hong Kong, China

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Look at all those lights. Lonely Planet calls Hong Kong's skyline "iconic" and that's hard to debate. The city has the mainland and then Hong Kong island with ferries ushering tourists between the two. Focus on one part of town to make the most of your visit and return for another reinvigorating trip.

Los Angeles, California

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You guys, fair warning, Los Angeles is huge. And the traffic is real. Both the East and the West sides of the city are worthy of weeks of exploring. Traveling from Santa Monica to Echo Park isn't unrealistic, it's just a commute. Don't see Los Angeles from the 405. Return to this city again and again to fill up on the best tacos sprawled across the city, as listed by Eater LA. Be right back, booking a trip back right now.

Tokyo, Japan

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This beautiful city is worth experiencing in every season. It's also a prime city to station yourself in if you want to explore the surrounding, smaller cities in Japan. Just check out the Bullet train itineraries.

Mexico City, Mexico

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From food to art, Mexico City asks you to return for an invigorating stay over and over. The Culture Trip lists the ultimate art guide to the city, which is reason alone to book a return trip.

Berlin, Germany

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There's a reason all of your friends are moving to Berlin. If you've gone to visit, you know why. Between the nightlife, art, and food, there are multiple vacations packed into a single itinerary if you try to experience it all in one go. Go back to Berlin, if only to attempt getting into one of the top clubs again.

Edinburgh, Scotland

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The charming city of Edinburgh in Scotland is known for their Fringe Festival, comedy scene and fish & chips. Go for the fairytale vibes and go again to work your way through the menu at Scran & Scallie.

Tel Aviv, Israel

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Tel Aviv is not a "been there, done that" kind of city. Drift from market to market and neighborhood to neighborhood. Memories of pastries from Dallal Bakery will induce drool and tempt you to book a ticket back. Which you should do. There are bowls of hummus to practically swim in and the Mediterranean to actually swim in.

Lisbon, Portugal

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Business Insider says of Lisbon, "Lisboans eat out a lot, spend time with their families, and also say it's easy to make friends and find love. The average night out also costs just $46." Easy to make friends and find love? Why are you not going back every chance you get?

Portland, Oregon

You can never bore of the produce presented by the Portland Farmer's Market. Rotating seasons means a sidewalk sprawling with vibrant fruits and aromatic flowers plucked from surrounding Oregon farmers. Go for the food carts and stay, maybe forever, for everything else.

Toronto, Canada

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Full, personal disclosure: my mom grew up in Toronto and so I grew up returning to the city every year. Go and return again if only to converse with friendly people and feel like the world is actually a nice place. Even when the city is iced over in the frigid winters.

Melbourne, Australia

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Heard about all the critters in Australia? Don't stress over it. Australians aren't. Business Insider says of Melbourne, "This Australian city came out above all others in terms of happiness, with nine in 10 residents saying they felt happy within the past 24 hours." If this is one of the happiest cities in the world, nobody is going to judge you for revisiting. There is no foul in traveling back to a city that makes you ~feel~ happy.