If You're A Pet Lover, Don't Miss These 15 Coffee Table Books

Heads up, animal people. The 15 coffee-table books for pet lovers on the list below are sure to bring smiles to your guests' faces when they see the adorable pet photos you've brought into your living area. Whether you're a dog person or a cat person, or if you love an animal that isn't generally considered a pet, I've got something for you here.

Pretty much everyone knows that pets are friends with whom you share only a few, short years of your life. They stand by you through thick and thin, and offer nothing but loving affection in return for your support and companionship. Basically, every pet is the absolute best, and we should appreciate them more than we do.

Although I don't approve of pets as decoration, as a general rule, I'm all about making them part of your space. If you don't want to go to the length of having a photo album of your pet printed up for your guests to peruse, buying pet-themed coffee-table books is a great way to bring your love of animals into your home decor.

Check out the 15 coffee-table books for pet lovers that I've picked out below:

'Pit Bull Flower Power' by Sophie Gamand

A successfully backed Kickstarter project aimed at improving the humble pit bull's reputation, Pit Bull Flower Power is a whimsical and adorable look at the inner beauty of America's most-maligned dog breed.

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'Walter Chandoha: Cats' by Susan Michals

Famed cat photographer Walter Chandoha passed away at age 98 this year, but his fabulous photos live on in this chic coffee-table book, which lands in a store near you on May 20.

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'Radiant: Farm Animals Up Close and Personal' by Traer Scott

Cows, pigs, and farm fowl take center stage in this coffee-table book about lesser-known pet species that are just as dear to their owners as cats and dogs are to theirs.

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'Canines of New York' by Heather Weston

Get up close and personal with some of New York City's finest pooches in this adorable coffee-table book from Made in Brooklyn photographer Heather Weston.

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'Cats on Catnip' by Andrew Marttila

No matter if your cat is a nip fiend or doesn't partake, this book full of quirky cat photos will entertain your guests, so you don't have to.

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'Horses: Portraits by Derry Moore' by Derry Moore

Any horse girl can tell you that the bond between a horse and its person is special. Check out some of the finest-looking horses in this equestrian coffee-table book.

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'Dog People' by Sandra Müller

As a kid, I always loved the Sesame Street bits with the Weimeraner dressed up in people clothes. If you're like me, you're going to love Dog People — which is basically William Wegman for a new generation.

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'The French Cat' by Rachael Hale

Cats say miaou and ronron in French, but you'll be saying Bonjour! to them, over and over again, when you pick up this charming photo book chronicling some of the European nation's most gorgeous kitties.

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'Fancy Rats: Portraits and Stories' by Diane Özdamar

Who said rats are vermin? These rats are lovely, and you might even call them fancy. If you're a rat mama, you're going to want this book of cute ratty pictures sitting on your coffee table, A.S.A.P.

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'Treat!' by Christian Vieler

One glance at this book and you'll never want to be without it! Christian Vieler's Treat! is a wonderful look at the excited faces of dogs who have just been thrown a tasty snack. Their happy faces are sure to bring a smile to yours.

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'Shop Cats of New York' by Tamar Arslanian and Andrew Marttila

If there's one thing New Yorkers will fight you over, it's the inherent goodness of the bodega cat. Tamar Arslanian documents the domains of several of these beloved creatures in Shop Cats of New York.

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'Wild Horses of Cumberland Island' by Anouk Masson Krantz and Oliver Ferguson

Heads up, horse girls, because this one's for you. If you grew up loving Misty of Chincoteague, you're going to want to grab a copy of Anouk Krantz's Wild Horses of Cumberland Island, A.S.A.P. This coffee-table book includes photos of Cumberland Island, Georgia's feral horses, as well as other landmarks and views from the vacation spot.

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'Muttshots: A Compilation of Canine Characters' by Loz Dalton

Photographer Loz Dalton's attempt to document the infinite variations and quirks of canine faces, Muttshots proves that you don't need a concept much deeper than pictures of dogs to create something real and special.

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'Kittenhood: Life-Size Portraits of Kittens in Their First 12 Weeks' by Sarah Beth Ernhart

Like parents who wish their children could stay small just a little longer, pet owners can agree that the kitten and puppy stages are far too short. Thankfully, you can always have pictures of delightful baby cats around with Kittenhood on your coffee table.

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'Literary Chickens' by Beth Moon

This quirky coffee-table book pairs portraits of show chickens with quotes from your favorite works of literature. It's a living-room addition your friends won't be able to stop talking about.

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