15 Cozy Items From Target You Won't Be Able To Resist Buying

What's the most dangerous place on earth? It's actually not a pit full of tarantulas or shark infested waters. Nope. It's a store, the one with the red and white bullseye and every non-essential item you could ever lust over. These 15 cozy items from Target are going to make your bank account weep but your mind, body, and apartment happier than a beauty addict with a highlighter.

What makes Target so dangerous? The better question is what make rational people go in for laundry detergent and emerge with a new bedding set, two packs of rosè hard cider, and a new spring wardrobe? It's the fact that you can get all of these things in one place. It's like Amazon for people who like to shop inside stores. If you don't believe Target is a miracle, are you even human?

From beauty products that'll give you a great self-care night in to cozy knit blankets and fluffy pillows to get comfy, and adorable pajamas that have you look cute while you're chilling, Target has more than enough options to turn your home into a temporary (or permanent since they do have furniture) oasis. Who doesn't want their own cozy oasis?

Take a a peek at these 15 cozy items from Target that'll have you chilled out and snuggled up in a second.

1. Knitted Blanket

Rizzy Home Cable Knit Sweater Throw



This throw is as close to those huge, hand knitted creations you've seen on Instagram, and unless you're just bored, who's got time to make one of those? This knit throw blanket is the perfect level of knitted coziness, and as a bonus, it comes in a full 12 colors.

2. Monkey Slippers

MUK LUK Soft One's Soft Money Slippers



Call them juvenile if you want, but this sock puppet monkey slippers are adorable. Keep your feet warm and snug, and don't forget to look down for a good laugh every now and then.

3. Lemon Pajamas

Gilligan & O'Malley Women's Plus Size Total Comfort Notch Collar Pajama Set



Want to channel your inner Beyonce while getting cozy? These lemon (or Lemonade) pajamas are the perfect idea. Retailing for only $16 for the entire set, it's a total steal on the Target website right now.

4. Fluffy Pillows

Project 62 Mongolian Faux Fur Throw Pillow



A plethora of pillows is sure to make any couch, loveseat, or bed more cozy. From fluffy to long to velvet, the more pillows the better, really. But especially when they come in millennial pink.

5. Tequila, Tacos, And Naps

Women's Tequila Tacos, and Naps Graphic Sweatshirt



What more cozy that tequilas, tacos, and naps? Wearing an oversized sweat while you eat said tacos, drink said tequila, and then take your eighth nap of the day.

6. Classic Candle

Hammered Bowl Candle Gold Cascade Glacier



If you're not overly sensitive to smells, a candle is the perfect way to make whatever space you're in feel more cozy.

7. Floral Robe

Gilligan & O'Malley Women's Pajama Total Comfort Kimono Wrap Robe



Spring is coming which means your fuzzy robe may be a bit too warm to be cozy. This floral robe from Gilligan & O'Malley however seems perfect. Bonus: It comes in plus and straight sizing.

8. Cozy Mug

Threshold Porcelain Hey There Hot Stuff Mug



Whether you love tea of coffee, settling in with a hot drink is super cozy. Why not do it in an adorable mug?

9. Tea Kettle

Black & Decker 1.7L Stainless Steel Electric Cordless Kettle



Sure, you can totally use your microwave to make tea, but isn't there something a bit more cozy about using an official kettle?

10. Bath Bomb

Da Bomb Bath Fizzers Earth Bomb



If you have a bath tub, why not take a good soak using a bath bomb? It's totally relaxing and oh so cozy.

11. Sheet Masks

Ariul 7 Days Mask Sheet



If you're super into beauty and skin care, you may already know the cozy, relaxing magic of a sheet mask. These from Ariul are some of the most popular in Korea.

12. Essential Oil Diffuser

Sparoom Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser



Relaxation and feeling cozy can go hand in hand, some swear by essential oils to help them feel more calm.

13. Bubble Bath

Mayfair Soap Foundry Sea Lily Jasmine Body Wash & Bubble Bath



If bath bombs aren't for you, and you want to make a beard out of bubbles, this cozy item is your best bet.

14. Bathtub Caddy

Kingston Brass Clawfoot Bath Tub Shelf



If you're going to sit in the bathtub with your bubble bath, a tub shelf is the perfect way to read, relax, and chill while protecting your things.

15. Under Eye Patches

Elf Hydrogel Under Eye Masks



Since you'll be lounging while getting cozy, take time to reset your week with some under eye patches from ELF.

Target is basically your one stop shop for everything. From clothing to beauty to home goods, it's got everything, and when it comes to getting cozy, that's such good news.