15 Cozy Items You Won't Be Able To Resist Buying At Target

What's the most dangerous place on earth? It's actually not a pit full of tarantulas or shark infested waters. Nope. It's a store, the one with the red and white bullseye and every non-essential item you could ever lust over. These 15 cozy items from Target are going to make your bank account weep but your mind, body, and apartment happier than a beauty addict with a highlighter.

What makes Target so dangerous? The better question is what make rational people go in for laundry detergent and emerge with a new bedding set, two packs of rosè hard cider, and a new spring wardrobe? It's the fact that you can get all of these things in one place. It's like Amazon for people who like to shop inside stores. If you don't believe Target is a miracle, are you even human?

From beauty products that'll give you a great self-care night in to cozy knit blankets and fluffy pillows to get comfy, and adorable pajamas that have you look cute while you're chilling, Target has more than enough options to turn your home into a temporary (or permanent since they do have furniture) oasis. Who doesn't want their own cozy oasis?

Take a a peek at these 15 cozy items from Target that'll have you chilled out and snuggled up in a second.

1. Knitted Blanket

2. Monkey Slippers

3. Lemon Pajamas

4. Fluffy Pillows

5. Tequila, Tacos, And Naps

6. Classic Candle

7. Floral Robe

8. Cozy Mug

9. Tea Kettle

10. Bath Bomb

11. Sheet Masks

12. Essential Oil Diffuser

13. Bubble Bath

14. Bathtub Caddy

15. Under Eye Patches

Target is basically your one stop shop for everything. From clothing to beauty to home goods, it's got everything, and when it comes to getting cozy, that's such good news.