15 Easy Halloween Costume Ideas That Don’t Take A Lot Of Time To Put Together
Left to Right: Macy's; Paramount Pictures; Amazon

September is officially here, which means it's that time of year again: the time when we can finally be excited for Halloween, and not be shamed for it. Halloween has become one of the holidays most people look forward to the most throughout the year, and it's not hard to understand why. There's tons of free candy, spooky things are super fun, Hocus Pocus is on television constantly, and you can wear the most outrageous or creative costume you want. In theory, creating the perfect elaborate Halloween costume yourself sounds great. You plan on getting your materials together and starting early, so that you're Pinterest-ready by Oct. 31. In reality? It's a little more difficult than that, and that's why it's nice to have some easy Halloween costumes to fall back on this year.

While detailed DIY costumes are amazing, there's definitely no shame in taking the easy way out. We don't all have time to hunt for the right items and then sew things together to create something jaw-dropping! There's nothing wrong with putting something together last minute, with items you already own. In fact, those are sometimes the most fun costumes to look at.

Even if you end up doing a cliché costume that has been done about a million times before, who really cares? You're dressing up as something you think is fun, and that's really all that matters. If you need some ideas on truly simple costumes that you can put together quickly, check out the options below:


The Bachelorette

Baby Tonight Sequin Dress, $29.99, Fashion Nova

Veryhome Artificial Flowers, $13.99, Amazon

Saurus Hello My Name Is Stickers, $5.99, Amazon

If you've been as obsessed with The Bachelor and The Bachelorette as much as the rest of the country has been, then why not go as *the* bachelorette? All you need is a fancy dress (bonus points for sequins), a bouquet of roses (they can be fake!), and a name tag.


An Alien

Worthwhile Cosmic Leggings, $29, Modcloth

Active Twist-Front Crop Top, $7.90, Forever 21

Martian Antennae, $1.99, Party City

Silver Holographic Chunky Glitter, $7.99, Amazon

An alien is a pretty easy costume, especially if you already have galaxy-print leggings (or even just a metallic dress — there's so much you can do here). Just add some glittery makeup and a headband, and you're good to go. This could be a really fun one if you're willing to get creative with makeup!


Ariana Grande

Photo By Gotham/GC Images; Getty Images

ASOS Tall Oversized Sweater, $36, ASOS

Marc Fisher Locket Over The Knee Boot, $49.98, DSW

26' Long Ponytail Hair Extension, $9.98, Amazon

38 Piece Lollipops, $9.08, Amazon

Ariana Grande has been one of the most talked about celebrities of 2018, so it would definitely be fun to steal her style and dress like her for the day. She has such a distinctive look that it makes it easy. Even cuter: if your BFF or significant other goes as Grande's fiancé, Pete Davidson. Since Ari's street style usually consists of big sweatshirts, over-the-knee boots, a signature ponytail, and a lollipop, this is an easy enough costume to throw together.


Pink Ladies From 'Grease'

Paramount Pictures

Premium Satin Bomber Jacket, $22, Missguided

The Cats Meow Sunglasses, $16, Urban Outfitters

Aerie Chill Leggings, $6.38, American Eagle Outfitters

Black Silk Neck Scarf, $21, Etsy

There's a good chance that, at some point in your childhood, you loved the movie Grease. Didn't we all? So, honor that love you once felt for this movie (or still feel!) and dress as one of the Pink Ladies for Halloween — it's easy and adorable. It also makes a great group costume.


Joanna Gaines

Lucky Brand Women's Basel Boots, $129, Macy's

Perfect Denim Shirt, $59.59, The Gap

Skinny Jeans in Ames Wash, $128, Madewell

If you can't get enough of the series Fixer Upper, then you might want to dress as one of its hosts, Joanna Gaines, for Halloween. This is an especially great idea if you already have long, dark hair. All you need is denim on denim and some cute ankle boots. It won't even seem like a costume, and the most simple thing about it is that you probably have the items already.


Jurassic Park Ranger

Rubie's 16-ounce Fake Blood, $5.99, Amazon

Matty M Women's Cargo Vest, $12.98, Amazon

Tomgirl Short Short, $49.95, American Eagle Outfitters

Plus-Size Sonoma V-Neck Tee, $5.99, Kohl's

With the release of the second rebooted Jurassic Park movie in 2018, this costume will make you seem super trendy. It's also another one that's easy to put together with pieces you probably already have, too, for the most part. Throw some fake blood on your clothes, maybe add some rips in the shirt, and you've suddenly transformed into someone trying to escape giant dinosaurs.


Snow White From 'Snow White And The Seven Dwarves'

Walt Disney Productions

Headband, $9.99, Amazon

Apt. 9 Essential V-Neck Tee, $5.99, Kohl's

New Fitted Boyfriend Oxford Shirt, $49.95, The Gap

Just This Sway A-Line Skirt in Mustard, $59, Modcloth

When it comes to DIY costumes, most of the Disney princesses are difficult to put together at a moment's notice. Snow White, however, is an exception. Just add an apple to this, and everyone will know exactly who you are.



Sportmusies Women's Sun Hat, $13.99, Amazon

Rails Hunter Plaid Shirt, $94.80, Nordstrom

Denim Bib Overalls, $39.99, H&M

Is a scarecrow a cliché idea? Sure, but it's still a cute one. To make this a little more fun, add some great scarecrow makeup, and maybe a few props.


Holly Golightly

Paramount Pictures

Style&Co Sleeveless Dress, $24.75, Macy's

Long Satin Gloves, $6.49, Amazon

Crystal Tiara, $9.88, Walmart

Plastic Cigarette Holder, $3.89, Amazon

Dressing as Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast At Tiffany's is a Halloween classic, both because it's easy to put together and always looks cute. Why not try it out? You really just need a black dress and some pearls.


A Mime

Modern Stripe Boat Neck Shirt, $29.95, The Gap

Hot Topic Black Suspenders, $7.99, Amazon

Cotton Gloves, $7.99, Amazon

Felted Wool Beret, $12.99, H&M

A mime is so easy! You just need a striped shirt, suspenders, a beret, and some white gloves. It's all stuff you either have, or can get for a great price. The best part is you don't have to talk at all if you're not in the mood to be social.


Tina Belcher From 'Bob's Burgers'

20th Television

Women's Plus-Size Scoop Neck, $8, Target

On and On Royal Blue Skirt, $39, Lulu's

Non Prescription Glasses, $7.99, Amazon

Old School Traditional Stripe Sock, $9.99, Absolute Sports Sock

Cartoon characters are usually pretty easy to dress up as because they typically wear a "uniform," and Tina Belcher from Bob's Burgers is no exception.


Tooth Fairy

White Tulle Skater Skirt, $28.99, My NY Style

AE Soft and Sexy High Neck Cropped Tank Top, $8.97, American Eagle Outfitters

Spritz White Felt Crown, $3.50, Target

Tooth Fairy Wand, $11.89, Amazon

If you want to do something truly adorable, dress as the tooth fairy. This is kid-friendly, cute, and simple to put together.


Young Donna Sheridan From 'Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again'

Elsa Printed Bodysuit, $68, Free People

Wide-Leg Denim Overalls, $38, Forever 21

Sterling Silver Butterfly Necklace, $24.88, Amazon

Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again was one of the most talked about films of 2018, and for good reason: It was just plain fun. Emulate some of the cool '70s vibes and go as young Donna Sheridan, portrayed by Lily James in the film. It's a pretty easy costume, too — as long as you have a pair of overalls, a cool floral top, and a large butterfly necklace, you're good to go. You can also reuse these items throughout the rest of the year, so it's really just a great investment all around.


Elle Woods From 'Legally Blonde'

Adam Selman x Le Specs Luxe Lolita Cat Eye Sunglasses, $119, Nordstrom

Leith Tank Dress, $56, Nordstrom

Stuffed Poodle Dog, $16.99, Amazon

If you have a pink dress, you can easily be Elle Woods for Halloween. You just need to add a stuffed dog and some pink accessories.


A Cat

Ruched Cami Jumpsuit, $15.90, Forever 21

Black Stone Cat Ears Headband, $9.99, Claire's

Black Cat Tail, $7.99, Party City

OK, yes, this is the ultimate easy cliché Halloween costume. But why ignore it just because of that? A cat is ridiculously easy to put together and, personally, we think it always looks cute. A jumpsuit makes this even easier.