15 Fascinating Gifts For Science Nerds Who Watched Bill Nye As Kids

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Bill Nye: The man, the myth, the legend. He was singlehandedly responsible for the first time I looked at a bow tie and a beaker and thought, "Maybe nerds can be cool." Clever gifts for science lovers are in high demand today, and a case could be made for this being credited to the TV-famous scientist. Bill Nye instilled in viewers a passion for science, curiosity, and invention, which is still alive and well among fans (even 18 years after the show ended).

People fell in love with five seasons' worth of wacky experiments and unnecessarily loud screaming in a camera's general direction. Also, there were the shamelessly '90s floating graphics (primarily Bill's decapitated spinning head) and the unidentified man voice that held a perpetual conversation with Nye from off screen. (Who was he, dammit?)

Years later, Nye is still around, writing books and acting as a fierce defender of important scientific issues throughout the media. Also, NBD, but Bill Nye is apparently getting his own show on Netflix, and once it airs, I'm probably going to stop showing up to work until it has been adequately binge-watched. Whether you are simply a science lover or an avid Nye fan, check out these epic products and accessories I hope Bill Nye would be proud of.


This Badass Mixology Kit For Mad Scientists

Molecular Mixology Kit, $48, Amazon

The Molecular mixology kit allows you to create blobs of rubbery alcohol and airy foam to add all your favorite drinks, so you can turn your home bar into a mad laboratory. It comes with a DVD and informational booklet, as well as all the tools and ingredients you need to make the weirdest drinks ever.


This Really Cool Ionizing Salt Lamp

Natural Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp, $27, Amazon

One of the most scientific lamps you'll ever find, this natural Himalayan rock salt lamp adds a soothing orange glow to your bedroom, but it also purifies the air. It works by heating up the crystal salt which releases negative ions into the air, which is said to rid your space of allergens, dust, and bacteria.


This Ridiculously Awesome Hat

Bill Nye The Science Guy Baseball Cap, $12, Amazon

This epic Bill Nye The Science Guy baseball cap comes in four — yes, four — lovely colors. It's pre-washed for a comfortable feel, and the Velcro adjustable strap in the back ensures that anyone can wear this beauty of a head accessory.


A Constellation Light, If You Love Astrology

Constellation Hanging Light, $49, Urban Outfitters

Simple yet classy, this constellation hanging light brings a little scientific obsession to any empty wall. It comes in either Sagittarius or Virgo, and it's made from a durable metal plug-in design that easily brightens up any nerd's space.


This Awesome Read Written By The Master Himself

Unstoppable: Harnessing Science to Change the World, $15, Amazon

Yep. In 2015, the science king himself wrote this book: Unstoppable: Harnessing Science to Change the World. Within its magical pages, Nye combines optimism and scientific curiosity to explore how we can create a cleaner, happier, smarter world. Obviously, people love it: "Bill Nye is just so charismatic and passionate about science and has always fueled my love for learning and his books are always a must read!"


A Punny Cutting Board Fit For Any Science Geek

I Cook Meals Periodically Bamboo Cutting Board, $35, Amazon

This punny I Cook Meals Periodically cutting board is suitable for any science geek, but Bill Nye would be especially proud. It's made entirely from bamboo, making it super durable, light, hygienic, and original.


A Personal Light Show Of The Night Sky In Your Room

Laser Stars Indoor Light Show, $100, Amazon

If you're looking to transform your bedroom into your very own universe, look no further than the Laser Stars indoor light show. It creates the projection of thousands of stars on your walls or ceiling, and reviewers have awesomely hilarious things to say about it: "I apparently purchased this after a long night of drinking. At first I was a little unhappy because of the price tag, but as soon as I received the product and turned it on I was instantly amazed and happy with my drunk self. Everyone I show it to falls in love with it and immediately wants one."


Stay Warm With The Nye Guy

Science And Chill Hoodie, $36, Look Human

For anyone who's not really about the Netflix aspect of that quote, there's this genius Science And Chill hoodie. In fact, you can get it in any style, from baseball tee to baby one-piece, and each one is made with durable fabric and tons of love.


Turn Your Bath Into A Color-Changing Experiment


Sense Sation Luxe Bath Bombs, $23, Amazon

This pack of seven bath bombs turns relaxation time into a quick experiment — one that will turn your water different colors according to your bath bomb-of-choice. The lavender, bergamot, mandarin and lime, rose and jasmine, chamomile and vanilla, eucalyptus, and rosemary bath bombs give you enough options to last a whole week.


This Glass-Like Goo That Can Bounce And Stretch

Amazon (2)

Crazy Aaron's Putty World Liquid Putty Glass, $14, Amazon

If you've ever gotten stressed at work and needed something to do with your hands — putty to the rescue. This one resembles the clarity of glass, although it bounces like a ball and can be stretched like rubber. You can even find glow-in-the-dark putty!


This Genius Crossover Phone Case

Nysenberg iPhone Case, $25, RedBubble

Combining the genius of both Nye and Breaking Bad, this Nysenberg iPhone case comes in your choice of snap and tough case form and can fit any iPhone from the 4s through the 7. Also, it's the most badass thing I've ever seen in my life, so there's that.


This Whimsical Shower Curtain For Space Lovers

Magical Thinking Constellation Map Shower Curtain, $44, Urban Outfitters

For any massive astronomy fans out there, bring the magic of space into your bathroom with this Magical Thinking constellation map shower curtain. It's made from a durable cotton material that shows you where all your favorite constellations are, and it adds a unique touch to any space.


Hatch A Dinosaur In Your Living Room


Animal Planet Grow Eggs, $55, Amazon

This three-piece set of dinosaur eggs hatches a T-rex, a Triceratops, and an Ankylosaurus right in the comfort of your own home. Submerge the eggs in water, and watch them crack and hatch to reveal dinosaurs (that grow up to ten times their size within two days). Plus, each purchase supports R.O.A.R, Animal Planet's non-profit project committed to improving animals' lives around the world.


A Classy Shirt In The Name Of A Classy Man

Bill Nye Scientist Contrast Ringer T Shirt (S-XXXL), $11-$40, Amazon

Made from 100 percent cotton with a ring-neck and sleeves, this Bill Nye Scientist contrast ringer T shirt comes with a lovely print of our hero donning his infamous bow tie and catchphrase, "Science Rules!"


Share Knowledge While Saving The Planet

Talk To Your Parents About Science Tote, $20, RedBubble

Finally, there's this Talk To Your Parents About Science tote, because if there's anything that Bill Nye is 100 percent behind, it's sharing knowledge while reducing your usage of plastic bags. It's durable, reliable, comes in your choice of three different sizes, and is entirely prepared to accompany you on your next trip to the grocery store.

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