15 Father’s Day 2018 Gift Ideas That Give Back

Lula's Garden

Father's Day is right around the corner — Sunday, Jun. 17 — and while you're probably tempted to get your dad any hat or tie you can find for sale on the internet, consider this: get him a gift that gives back. If the majority of your attempts at gifting your dad end up stored and dusty in his closet anyway, spend your money on something that helps someone else, too. Here I've put together a list of Father's Day gift ideas that give back. Not only will you feel good about doing something charitable, but your dad will be greatly impressed with your maturity and philanthropical intentions. Not to mention, there are so many incredible, international, handcrafted, and artisanal gifts that give back.

You don't have to get your dad some ridiculous wildlife t-shirt with a jungle animal on it that he'll never wear, just to get involved in charity. I've chosen some of the most gorgeous, thoughtful and impressive gifts with charitable ties that your dad will love, and that the world will appreciate — #charitabletiesnotdadties. Every dollar helps and Father's Day is a great time to chime in for change.

Not Your Average Dad Socks

Mega Ribbon

Sock Problems

If you're going to get your dad a pair of socks for Father's Day, get him a pair that gives back. Sock Problems offers eight different graphic designs correlated with eight different causes. Twenty-five percent of each purchase goes to a charity benefitting that cause!

A Journal With A Cause

5x8 Tim Toppins Journal

Public Supply

25 percent of profits from this notebook will raise money for the Joe's Blackbook Design Scholarship — $10,000 is awarded twice a year for design grants for students looking to pursue menswear and womenswear.

A Reusable Water Bottle

Love Our Forests

Love Bottle

Five percent of each recycled glass Love Bottle purchase goes to Global Water, an organization that helps people in small, underdeveloped communities have access to clean water.

International Coffee

Organic Coffee Blend

With a donation of $85, you'll get this delicious 12oz. whole bean coffee set with fair trade coffees from Indonesia, South America, or Africa. Your donation will go to protecting and feeding children in poverty with the help of World Vision.

A Luxe Hammock

Fair Trade Brazillian Handcrafted Cotton Hammock

Unicef Market

This purchase can provide enough polio vaccines to vaccinate 74 children against polio — it's a pretty good exchange for a great and sustainable hammock that your dad probably needs already.

A Gorgeous New Cup Set

Handcrafted Blown Glassware Set from Mexico, 'Celebration of Color'

Unicef Market

This gorgeous set of glasses will provide in exchange for enough polio vaccines to vaccinate 81 children against polio.

An Artisanal Chess Board

Hand Carved Marble Chess Set, 'Grace and Strategy'

Unicef Market

This purchase can provide 38 packets of lifesaving nourishment to children suffering from acute malnutrition — plus, it gives you and your dad a great excuse to play a game together on Father's Day.

A Wallet With Meaning

Men's Traditional Black Leather Wallet with Interior Compart, 'Classic Black'

Unicef Market

The cost of this Indian artisan Sanchit designed leather wallet will provide enough polio vaccines to vaccinate 28 children against polio.

All That And A Bag Of Chips

Three Flavor One Pound Tin

Detroit Friends Potato Chips Co.

This tin includes three of the most popular flavors: Barbecue, Lemon Pepper, and Sea Salt. The chips are made in Detroit's Hope District, giving jobs to people who have been out of work since the recession, and making use of abandoned warehouses. Plus they're delish.

Succulents For The Planet

Jewel Garden

Lula's Garden

If you're going to get your dad a plant for Father's Day, get him one that's environmentally responsible. Lula’s Garden proudly supports organizations that help improve lives around the world by providing access to safe water.

Not Your Average Dad Hat

Yosemite Classic Dad Hat

Parks Project

If you're going to get your dad a dad hat, get him one that gives back to the national parks service!

A Wooden Watch

Marsh Automatic


WeWOOD collaborates with Trees For The Future to plant a tree for every wood watch purchased. Since 2011, WeWOOD has planted over 600,000 trees with its partners.

Soap For Soap

Sea Salt Bar Soap

Hand in Hand

For every bar of soap you buy, Hand in Hand gives a child in Haiti their own soap. To this day, Hand in Hand has donated over one million bars of soap of the people of Haiti, and repaired wells and provided water for thousands of people.

Ear Buds For Change

The Bolt Wireless Earbuds

LSTN Sound Co

Proceeds from sales of all LSTN products go towards giving hearing aids to people in need worldwide through our charity partner, Starkey Hearing Foundation. Plus, these earbuds are top notch, high quality — perfect for the dad whose a total tech snob.

An Earbud Pouch

Handcrafted Leather Earbud Pouch

Love 41

Love 41 gives back to a variety of charities in Rwanda, ranging from day care, to scholarships and education.