15 Unique Father’s Day Gift Ideas For When You Don’t Know What To Get

by Kaitlyn Wylde

If your father has instated a "no more ties" rule for gifts this year, you're probably racking your brain pretty hard to come up with some unique Father's Day gifts. And if you're still pretty stumped and can't seem to think of anything that your dad might really like, don't worry: you're not alone. Some dads are just really hard to shop for — they get what they need on their own and aren't easily impressed or flattered by gadgets. That said, Father's Day is fast approaching on June 17, 2018, so if your dad is easy to please and is happy to get a new coffee mug or golf-related gift each year, lucky you! For the rest of us, we're on the constant hunt to find our picky dads something that might actually delight them.

But instead of trying to surprise your dad with something that he's never heard of, take the pressure off yourself a bit and get him something that he didn't know he needed. Get him a special gift that will actually enrich his life, and make his day-to-day easier or more fun, because that's what Father's Day gifts are all about. It's about showing your dad that you're thinking about him, that you appreciate him, and that you chose a gift that you know would make him feel special. Here, I've done the work for you and picked out some totally special and useful gifts that even the pickiest of dads will at least be moderately impressed with.

A Skin Care Kit

A Leather Key Chain

A Map Of A Special Place

A Portable Seat Cushion

An Emergency Go Bag

An Easy-To-Use Hammock

A Chic Wine Rack

A Burger Press

Vintage Cooler

A Game

A Personalized Lego Figure

Ice Cream

A Very Fancy Knife

A Smoothie Device

Apple TV