15 Funny Dog Memes For National Dog Day 2018 That Are Almost Too Cute To Be Real


Cancel all of your plans for Sunday, Aug. 26. Why? It's National Dog Day on Aug. 26, and that means that it's the perfect time to cuddle with, pet, and talk in your dog voice (you know what I mean — the weird half baby talk/half normal voice we all do when we see an adorable pup) to every single dog possible. If you have a dog of your own, you'll have the opportunity to spend the whole day with them, since it's a Sunday, and honestly, what could be better than that? Even if you don't have a dog to hang out with, you can celebrate and show your love by taking a look at and posting these funny dog memes that are perfect for National Dog Day.

The below memes manage to capture the true essence of dogs: how they're totally adorable no matter what they're doing, how they always manage to do something that makes you smile or laugh, and how they are endlessly photogenic. These memes are also proof of how they can be so weirdly relatable. You wouldn't think that a dog could represent who you are so well, but they can, and it's a truly wonderful thing. It's just another reason to love and treasure the puppers and doggos all around you. So whether you have a dog or not, spend National Dog Day giggling at the below memes and thinking about how dogs are a gift to this world. I know that's what I'll be doing!

1. This dog who has an anxious inner monologue like the rest of us:

dogmemesfordays on Twitter

2. This dog who just wants the attention they deserve:

petmemepics on Twitter

3. This dog who is a good example of every dog ever when their owner comes home:

doggggoo on Twitter

4. This dog who is basically you whenever you're asked to be responsible:

chasefaceshow on Twitter

5. This dog who is also basically you trying to get through life:

steffi_cole on Twitter

6. This dog who has had ENOUGH of dating:

respectfulmemes on Twitter

7. This dog who just wants to be taken seriously:

unilad on Twitter

8. This dog who is not about to let any other dog near their human:

imnotdry on Twitter

9. This dog who is awkward but also perfect:

dogloverstore on Twitter

10. This dog who just wants love and affection:

meakoopa on Twitter

11. This dog who knows exactly who he is:

megalot_ on Twitter

12. These dogs who are feeling very eager for your attention:

respectfulmemes on Twitter

13. This rare photo of you at any party ever:

nickpryce4 on Twitter

14. These good boys who can't wait to come home to their owners:

derekruffian on Twitter

15. And this dog who is just a little bit too jealous:

georgeresch on Twitter