The 15 Gifts Your Burnt Out Friend Really Wants This Season

Exhausted young female worker is tired from work. Stress and headache behind laptop on job. Overwork...

You might notice among your friends and family that the end of the year can really exacerbate stress or feelings of overdoing it. There is so much more going on during the holiday season on top of regular life — not to mention, for those of us on the Western Hemisphere, it gets dark so darn early. And so, as winter dusk falls and the radio plays "Santa Baby" again, if you are holiday shopping for some burnt out friends and loved ones, keep in mind that this is the perfect time to focus on gifts that rejuvenate and restore.

And listen, even friends that aren't normally overly stressed out might be feeling the burn this time of year. A 2018 study of over 2,000 Americans by Slumber Cloud showed that one in three adults report feeling holiday burnout this time of year. In truth, just about any person on your gift list will appreciate something that helps to combat the stressful season. In fact, you might want to gift yourself a few of these items, too!

Now sit back, relax, and go shopping with rest and rejuvenation as your inspiration. Your loved one will be like a Phoenix rising from the ashes with your present in tow.


An Unusual Healing Session

The massage certificate is, admittedly, a gift that can't go wrong. But I recommend expanding your horizons if you choose to treat your friend or loved one to a healing session to help treat that case of 2019 burn out. Perhaps they are in need of some energetic healing, like reiki, or maybe something that goes even deeper and more experimental, like past life regression. Consider what might be making your friend burnt out — family troubles? Work? Some overall health issues? And seek out some healing that might best support what's going on.


A Monthly Bouquet Delivered To Their Door

Give your friend flowers for as many months as you please. You can choose between bouquet themes like 'Farmers Market' or 'Just Roses' and a lovely bunch of stems will arrive at their doorstep on the regular. It's a simple gift, but flowers are always something that can promote a moment of pause, appreciation, and beauty. For a busy bee friend who is overwhelmed or overworked, a little pop of color like this can do the trick.


A Therabox Subscription

Among all the subscription boxes out there, of which there are many, this one stands out as a lovely compilation of items that promote relaxation and therapeutic times. Think handmade candles from Etsy, relaxing pillow sprays, and bath salt blends that the post person brings right as your loved one is getting that late after-work hours email from their demanding boss. What is particularly unusual about this box, too, is that it's curated by therapists! You can do just one month, a few, or a whole year.


.4. Delightfully Soft Pajamas

Cozy clothes promote cozy times. That's just science. Get your friend a cute pair of pajamas that will encourage them to spend the night at home watching wonderfully terrible Netflix holiday movies. Perhaps you can get yourself a pair as well and you can make a whole matching thing of it. I recommend something made of bamboo, because the softness is truly next level.


A Sitting Pillow And Meditation Series

Give them a place to just freakin' sit, and while you're at it, perhaps a subscription to an online meditation series you think would inspire them to practice clearing the mind and focusing on the breath for a few minutes on the regular. Getting a lovely meditation pillow can simply offer a comfy, designated space to actually do the thing so many of us avoid doing. And hey, if it's a lovely tie dye or all soft and velvet, at the very least they will use it to get some reading done while maintaining excellent posture.


A Weighted Blanket

Maybe weighted blankets feel like they've been over promoted in the world of wellness, but trust, it's for a good reason. They can really help with anxiety and are proven to help you fall asleep faster. There are good weighted blankets available for many prices, too, so you can choose a price range that works and give your friend the gift of restful sleep.


A Record Player And Some Calming Music

Time to unplug, my friends. Instead of the bring it back to tactile music listening with a record player for your gift recipient. Giving the gift of music is a great way to encourage your burnt out pal to consider their ambiance and sit back with Chopin's Nocturnes, or something.

While it's true that record players can get pretty costly, a simple one like this Crosley Cruiser is a good medium ground. Not only is this puppy a tried and true turntable, it also can go bluetooth need be.


A Fun And Freespirited Class

Floral arranging, dance, acting, coding, tennis, piano. Whatever it is that might be out of the ordinary but still exciting and inspirational for your friend, well, there's a class for that. Giving someone the opportunity to get all Beginner's Mind, or on the other hand, to revisit a long-forgotten interest, can be just the thing to renew spirits and shift perspectives. All those deadlines and early mornings suddenly might seem less urgent when you're got your hands on the ole' potter's wheel.


A Night At A Hotel

Ready to break out the big guns? If you really want to splurge on a gift, you can always give the gift of a night in a nice (or nice-ish) hotel. Sometimes a simple night's getaway, alone or with a lover or friend, is the best way to combat burn out. And yes, it depends on your price range, but there are some super dreamy hotels out there you can book for under 200 dollars, like the one above at the Havana Hotel in San Antonio, TX. Check out what is available nearby!


So Much Tea

A particularly cost friendly gift, make your friend a tea bundle filled only with teas that calm the soul and promote a balanced mind, body, and spirit. A little variety basket and a nice mug or two will do the trick. The two of you can spend a nice evening together by a fire, legs covered in blankets, just chit-chatting away over a cup or two of Sleepytime.


A Stretch Session

As Emily Dickinson may have said once, "stretch it out." Get your friend a session at a stretching lab! We carry a whole lot of tension all over our bodies, and since many of us spend much-too-much time sitting all craned over a screen, getting a good, deep stretch is basically heaven. The burn out will melt away from your friend's body, leaving only peaceful feelings and noodle limbs.


Personalized Crystal Healing Sets

When it comes to the healing crystal thing, keeping track of what rock helps with what ailment or issue can get kind of overwhelming. But having objects of intention when it comes to battling things like stress and overwork can be really effective! Thusly, this personalized crystal set from Etsy allows you to specify what you need help with and choose a collection that matches.


Therapy Dough

Some art therapists give their patient's literal dough to need and play with during a session as it can be relaxing and stimulating. Here, you can purchase a pack of dough that is infused with calming essential oils. It's an easy activity your pal can do literally anywhere — they can keep it by the bedside or on their desk to knead and pound when they need to give the brain a break.


Energy Setting Spray

This Energy Setting Spray By Melinda Lee Holm is made of frankincense, ginger, and palo santo. Holm, a Tarot Priestess, says her tincture is "energetically purifying and invigorating" and is great on the go for any time you need "an elevation of vibration." Which is definitely what you need when you feel burnt out, no? A spritz is a chance for a pause, and a pause is a chance for reflection.


A Meal Delivery


Now, depending on your budget, this could be a nice, fat burrito on Seamless, or a week of meals delivered from an organic food service like Sakara. Anyway you slice it, having a meal or two that you don't have to think about is a total relief that your friend will be sure to enjoy.

There you have it, friends, some gifts that might spark the end of your loved one's burn out. We gotta look out for each other this way, ya know?