15 Hilarious Memes That Any Sephora Addict Will Totally Relate To

Kimberly White/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

For lipstick loving, eyeshadow hoarding, highlighter fanatics, there's no place like home — home being Sephora, that is. As the mothership for the makeup obsessed, it's the one store that just gets you. Documenting a trip to the beauty dreamland with so much gut-busting accuracy, countless memes any Sephora addict relates to make outsiders realize just how deep a makeup obsession can run.

Chances are, you recognize the signs of having a beauty shopping addiction very well if you're on a first name basis with Sephora employees and your bathroom drawers are impossible to close because they're so full of products. You live your life by the mantra that a girl can never have too much makeup, and no matter how hard you try, nothing can keep you from expanding your stash. A massive collection definitely adds up to a boatload of moolah spent on cosmetics, but there's nothing like the high of filling a Sephora basket with a handful of lippies and enough palettes to last a lifetime.

Makeup obsessions are so real that there are entire social media accounts dedicated to beauty memes. It may be all in jest, but it can't get anymore on point than these makeup memes that have Sephora loyalists written all over them.

1. The Pure Joy Arriving At Sephora Brings You

Just be prepared to hand over your entire wallet. You're not making it past the exit without spending a small fortune.

2. Once You Go In, There's No Coming Back

Every. Single. Time.

3. An Addict Has To Keep Busy

Chances are you're probably planning your next Sephora trip as you're standing in the checkout line.

4. Successfully Budgeting Isn't A Real Thing

Two lipsticks, liner, and a foundation later, but it's always so worth it.

5. Your Priorities Are Questionable

Money well spent. The wait for the next paycheck begins.

6. You Live For Your Deliveries

A true Sephora addict knows how emotional this moment can get.

7. The Urge To Swatch Is Always Real

The only way to successfully shop at Sephora is to walk out with a sleeve of swatches.

8. Testing Without Buying Never Hurt Anyone

Sometimes you just have to fake it until you make it.

9. Makeup Is Your Kryptonite

Repeats to yourself, "I will be strong. Sephora will not take all of my money".

10. Anyone With Liner On Fleek Is Worth Befriending

May every new friendship be filled with countless Sephora shopping dates.

11. Wearing A Bare Face Isn't An Option

Countless hours shopping, doing swatches, and spending entire paychecks at Sephora shall not be done in vain.

12. The Hypocrisy Of It All

Well, well, well. Look who needs the expertise of the girl who "spends too much money on makeup."

13. You Can Hardly Contain Yourself Around Makeup

Never are you able to fight the temptation.

14. Oh, The Contradictions

Life's too short. Buy the lipstick!

15. If There's Anything That Hurts You, It's This

Then, blots face. No need to smear $32 mascara.

Until next time, Sephora — because there will always be a next time.