7 Best Instagram Accounts For Beauty Memes

For the most part, memes are harmless fun. They're a way to laugh at ourselves when we get too caught up in out hobbies. Fashion and beauty memes are no exception to this rule. There are memes about everything, from nail polish to the latest runway shows. Sometimes they're funny and sometimes they're snarky, but for the most part, they're a quick fix for a fast laugh when we're bored or avoiding work.

Do you remember what you were doing the first time you got Rickrolled? How about the time Socially Awkward Penguin or Overly-Possessive Girlfriend hit too close to home? Memes are as much a part of life as Snapchat and Starbucks. They capture our feels in funny and succinct ways and create a pathway for humorous dialogue. More than that, they have the power to make or break careers, brands and lives.

Think I'm exaggerating? Pamorama reports that the creator of the "Leave Brittney Alone" meme generated enough fame and income from capitalizing on the wildly popular meme to launch a new life and career in the big city. On the flip side, "Star Wars Kid" Glyslain Raza, needed phychiatric treatment to deal with the bullying and harassment that came from his unwanted, accidental viral video fame.

Memes are serious business, which is why you should follow these seven Instagram accounts to get your fix!

1. @fashionmemesofficial

This is the spot for snort-worthy quips about the latest trends. It covers everything from high-fashion to the day-to-day gripes of being a fashionista.

2. @betches

@betches are the queens of snark. Sometimes it's funny, sometimes it's catty. Sometimes it's funny and catty. You won't see exclusively fashion and beauty content, but you'll find lots to laugh at.

3. @girlwithnojob

This account has all kinds of funny content, not all of which is fashion or beauty related. But there's enough beauty content to keep you amused through the longest commute or pointless staff meeting.

4. @makeup_memes

This account is all beauty memes and funny beauty-related content. Because sometimes you don't want to see eyebrow tutorials. You just want to laugh at the beauty mistakes of others.

5. @makeupdotcom

This is the mother load of beauty content. There's practical stuff alongside funny stuff.

6. @onfleekstudio

This account has a lot of beauty content alongside of snarky memes. Something for everyone.

7. @nailmemes

All nail memes. All the time. Because who has't had to pee the second they get their nails done?

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