15 Things Under $20 At IKEA You Won’t Be Able To Resist Buying


Despite the fact that you probably end up spending a lot of money when you go to IKEA, the store has a lot of low-key steals that totally worth braving the crowds for. I know this might shock you, but there are tons of things under $20 at IKEA that are actually useful purchases. If you think about it, I'm sure your past trips to IKEA probably included complicated desk pick-ups and couch hauls — so your past bills from IKEA were probably pretty hefty too. But as it turns out, the the Swedish furniture superstore is also home to a wide variety of super cheap items that you actually need. If you thought frozen meatballs were the store's only secret steal, you have been greatly mistaken!

So if you're looking for an excuse to head to IKEA this weekend, let me inspire you with an appealing selection of inexpensive and discounted items. Though I might suggest mapping out your product search so that you don't end up lost in the corn maze that is IKEA, because nothing puts a damper on a good sale shopping spree like getting so lost in a store that you become a real live adult version of Corduroy bear. Make sure that you organize your to-do list by section, because you know how difficult it is to walk backwards through IKEA — people literally treat you like you're driving the wrong way on a one way street. It's against the unspoken IKEA laws. So get organized, and get your sale on, Ikea is about to be your new favorite cheapie steal zone. Here are the top IKEA bargains for under $20:



You probably have a corkscrew already, but you can never find it when you need it. Get a second, improve your chances of getting that bottle of wine open when you need it most!

Idealisk, $,1.99, IKEA

Rainbow-Colored Spatula


Spatulas don't have to be boring rubbery things that dull your kitchen vibe, they can be cute colorful things!

Gubbrora, $0.99, IKEA

Ice Pop Makers


Every freezer needs a set of ice pop makers. Fill them with juice, soda, yogurt, what have you! Endless icy dessert options!

Chosigt,$1.99, IKEA

Fun Shape Ice Tray


Why have regular shaped ice cubes when you can have fun shapes like flowers and fish and stars?!

Plastis, $0.99, IKEA

Colored Ice Cream Scooper


Get one, or, if you love ice cream so much, get the whole set and use the scoopers as spoons.

Just kidding. Sort of.

Chosigt, $2.99, IKEA

Pizza Cutter


If pizza is life, you know why you need these. They're especially great if you make pizza at home — nothing quite slices the crust right like a pizza cutter.

Stam, $0.99, IKEA

Decorative Lantern


This pretty lantern is perfect for a block candle. It keeps the candle safe and works dually as a decoration.

Borrby,$7.99, IKEA

Decorative Candle Stick Holder


These cutie little candle stick holders come in a set of three and are made of stainless steel and they're beyond perfect for a dinner table.

Stockholm, $17.99, IKEA

LED Candle


If you're not the best at remembering to blow your candles out before bed, you're going to want to switch over to LED candles.

Godafton, $7.99, IKEA



These squishy fluffy slippers literally look like they're made out of an IKEA comforter. These are great gift, but get one pair for yourself too.

Vinter 2017, $9.99, IKEA

Decorative Pillow


This faux fur pillow will make your couch look a lot more interesting this winter season. It's like a pet dog, without any of the responsibilities.

Vinter 2017, $14.99, IKEA

Squirrel Pillow


Just because. It's a squirrel, on a pillow. Enough said, right?

Eldblomma, $10, IKEA

Fake Cacti


This set of realistic-looking cacti are made out of ceramic and require no acre at all. Put them in a planter, use them as a table setting, keep them in your bathroom, you can do anything you want with them and they will not prick you.

Sjalslgt ,$14.99, IKEA

Storage Box


It's not just any storage box, it's a cute, stylish storage box that might inspire you to get a bit more organized this year.

Fjalla Box, $1.99, IKEA

Cup & Saucer


There's nothing more adult than having matching cups and saucers. Get your adult on with this cheap steal — it comes with two sets!

Favorit Coffee Cup & Saucer, $7.99, IKEA