15 Things Peter Dinklage Has Been In Besides 'GoT' That Show He's So Much More Than Tyrion

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When a character as iconic as Tyrion Lannister and a show as zeitgeisty as Game of Thrones enter the pop culture ether, it can be difficult to separate the actor from the project. But in the case of Peter Dinklage, GoT is only one dimension to a very multi-faceted career. From studio comedies to fantasy franchises and plenty of random television appearances, Dinklage has been in a ton of great works, and he always delivers. Seriously, if you only know Dinklage from his Game of Thrones work, you need to check out his other projects.

The types of things that Dinklage has been a part of show off his impressive range as an actor. Prior to his Emmy-winning role on GoT, Dinklage added charisma to big budget comedies, dramatic indie fare, and Disney trilogies alike. But his work these past several years on the HBO drama has not slowed him down. Dinklage still often tackles comedic work, probably to balance out his darker GoT role, while also surprising audiences with poignant turns in last year's Oscar-nominated Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri or making his mark on SNL's "Weekend Update." Never content to play it safe, or rely on his most-famous character, Dinklage is crafting a filmography that is making fans hungry for more.



Call him elf one more time. Dinklage pops up in this Christmas classic as a tyrannical children's book writer who squares off with Will Ferrell's Buddy after he mistakes him as an elf from the North Pole.


'The Station Agent'

In one of the dramatic roles that proved he could play Tyrion Lannister, Dinklage stars as a grief-stricken man who takes solitude in an abandoned train station.



Never felt the urge to watch a British-Irish take on the boy-meets-dog classic? You'll want to now, if only to hear Dinklage say his iconic "Winter Is Coming" in a totally different context.



Dinklage plays a scheming reporter determined to get a photograph of the titular character, a girl born with the nose of a pig.



Dinklage plays a male nanny in the early '00s Ryan Murphy drama series, and of course goes under the knife himself.


'The Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian'

Before entering into the fantasy land of GoT, Dinklage played a red dwarf named Trumpkin in the second film of the Narnia series.


'Death At A Funeral'

Dinklage will do nearly anything in the name of a strong comedic performance, including emerging from a coffin like in this outlandish film.


'Saturday Night Live'

Through Dinklage hasn't hosted SNL himself (yet), he did make a major cameo on "Weekend Update" alongside Bobby Moynihan's Drunk Uncle. Playing Peter Drunklage, the actor got to utter priceless gems including: "You know what's in my tumbler? Regret." Same.


'Sesame Street'

Dinklage can sing! He showed off his musical chops on an episode of Sesame Street where he played Simon (of Simon Says, duh.)


'X-Men: Days Of Future Past'

Villains are gonna vil and no one does it better than Dinklage, who brings his brand of deceit to the X-Men franchise.



Have you really made it if you haven't been asked to cameo in an Adam Sandler comedy at some point? Dinklage ticks that career move off of his bucket list in this movie and wears an... interesting wig while doing so.


'The Angry Birds Movie'

Dinklage tries his hand at voiceover playing a Mighty Eagle in The Angry Birds Movie. He'll reprise his role in next year's sequel.


'The Boss'

Dinklage has perhaps never been funnier than when he's sword fighting and then romancing Melissa McCarthy as self-proclaimed samurai Renault. (What a weird sentence.)


'Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri'

Dinklage's character only wants to take Frances McDormand's Mildred to dinner amongst the chaos of the rest of her life. He's sweet, generous, and perhaps one of the only sane people in the movie.


'Avengers: Infinity War'

The massive Infinity War cast managed to get even more badass when Dinklage joined the MCU as Eitri.

Dinklage really makes everything better.