15 Nostalgic TV Shows With 30+ Episodes To Stream On Disney+ UK Now


Already managed to complete your Netflix and Amazon watchlist during the lockdown? Now's the perfect time to reminisce with some classic Disney series. Whether you were a Hannah Montana or That's So Raven stan, there are plenty of TV shows with over 30 episodes on Disney+ UK to get nostalgic over during these strange times.

Watching that many episodes of one series may be a daunting task nowadays, since most shows rarely exceed ten, but let's be real — every one of us watched these shows religiously (much to behest of our parents) and couldn't get enough of them, so who's to say you won't fall in love with them all over again now? Plus, the majority of these clock in just over 25 mins an episode, so they're a pretty easy watch.

Whether you're in the mood to watch over 600+ episodes of The Simpsons or want to start preparing for the upcoming Lizzie McGuire reboot (whenever that is...), here are 15 shows on Disney+ that ran for 30 episodes or more. Get ready, because you're about to sing along to a bunch opening themes you didn't even realise you remembered. Everything is not what it seems, after all.


'Lizzie McGuire'


Maybe it's the nostalgia talking, but I swear there were more than two seasons of Lizzie McGuire. Either way, there are 65 episodes to enjoy on Disney+, along with the 2003 film.

It most certainly is what dreams are made of, especially since a revival is on the way. Whether that ends up on Disney+ remains to be seen though, as Hilary Duff recently asked for the series to air on Hulu so that Lizzie's life as a 30-year-old isn't limited to "the ceiling of a PG rating", as she said in an Instagram post in February.


'The Simpsons'


In 2014, FXX aired every episode of The Simpsons (522 at the time), which would take you eight-and-a-half days to complete the series without interruptions according to Time magazine — and yes, that's without sleep.

With well over 600 episodes (and counting), it'll likely take you nearly two weeks to watch the entire series. Sounds like a pretty good challenge to undertake during the current climate, don't you think?


'Hannah Montana'

Forget "Old Town Road," Hannah Montana was peak Billy Ray Cyrus. It was also a time where Miley's secret being discovered was the only worry in our lives.

On top of that, you can also watch the film and the Best of Both Worlds concert movie on the streaming service. Double win.

Hannah Montana


'Duck Tales'


According to Forbes, Scrooge McDuck's horde of treasure in Duck Tales has amassed him a fortune worth $44.1 billion. So why not journey back to where it all began, and take some pointers from the millionaire duck?

On top of that, Disney recently rebooted the series with none other than David Tennant taking over the role of Scrooge.


'Wizards of Waverly Place'


Basically Disney's answer to Harry Potter, Wizards of Waverly Place put an even more modern spin on everything magic — this time in Manhattan's Greenwich Village.

Like Hannah Montana, you can also watch the feature film on Disney+, too.


7. 'Lilo & Stitch: The Series'


The staple of my childhood, Lilo & Stitch: The Series was a Saturday morning must-watch. The Hawaiian adventures of this duo were never enough for just one movie, and thankfully Disney knew that too.

You can also watch the first movie, along with its sequels, on the platform.


'That's So Raven'


Aside from Hannah Montana, That's So Raven dominated the Disney Channel during the noughties. Now you can relive Raven Symone's all-seeing adventures with Chelsea and Eddie, alongside the recent reboot Raven's Home.


'Kim Possible'


Kim Possible was one of Disney's most badass heroines growing up, and now she has the chance to inspire new generations through the wonders of streaming.


'The Suite Life of Zack & Cody'


Forget Jughead, Cody will forever be Cole Sprouse to me. The Suite Life of Zack & Cody was always one of my go-to Disney Channel series as a kid, and remains to be one of the most memorable.

I mean, name a more iconic crossover than the That's So Suite Life of Hannah Montana. Go on, I dare you.




Before the endless live-action X-Men movies, the group of super-mutant heroes were tied to Marvel's animated adaptation. X-Men stayed true to its comic book origins, but also dealt with a lot of real-world issues of the 90s.


'Mickey Mouse'


These Mickey Mouse shorts are, well, quite short, but this is a great way to get into the mouse that started it all. Disney+ has a whole archive of the Mickey Mouse classics, like Steamboat Willie and The Little Whirlwind.


'Star Wars: The Clone Wars'


Alongside The Mandalorian, Disney+ has a library of Star Wars films and series at your disposal, including Star Wars: The Clone Wars. If you want to be more brushed up on your galactic lore, you'll want to add this series to your watchlist, pronto.


'Boy Meets World'

Touchstone Tv/Kobal/Shutterstock

Everyone loves a '90s classic, and Boy Meets World is certainly one of them. The love story of Cory Matthews and Topanga Lawrence captivated kids for nearly a decade, and continued in 2014 with Girl Meets World — which is also available to watch on Disney+.




Another Marvel '90s classic, the animated Spider-Man series featured a whole host of familiar heroes and villains, including Wolverine, Blade, Punisher, and Venom.