15 Punny Instagram Captions To Post About Your Cat On National Pet Day

Chris McGrath/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Mark your calendars, because Apr. 11 is National Pet Day; AKA the day you need to shower your pets with love and attention (as if you don't do that already). You can celebrate by giving them a lot of extra cuddles, maybe some treats they don't normally get, and by showing them off online. And you can do that, of course, on social media. National Pet Day is the perfect excuse to flood everyone's feeds with photos of your pet. If you have a cat, that means lots of cute cat pictures. You'll also need some great captions to go along with those, and to get into the spirit of things, below are some punny Instagram captions about cats for National Pet Day that will go with almost any photo.

National Pet Day was created to bring attention to pets of all species, shapes, and sizes, and to also remind people that animals are our equals, not a lesser being. If you have a cat, you already know that your cat is totally aware that they are our equals — in fact, I'm pretty sure cats think they're way above us. I have three cats, and I am 100 percent certain that they believe they own my fiancé and I — not the other way around. And you know what? We're totally cool with it. And this year, I'm definitely going to show off my fur babies with some punny Instagram posts. Get it? Hehehe.

There are so many cat puns out there that it can actually be overwhelming to look through them. There are just so many different options, with words like "kitten," "meow," "feline," "knead," and "fur." And that's only naming a few of the cat-themed words that can be made to sound like so many other different words. These puns will go with any pose your cat is making in the photos, and they're just really adorable and fun to post on National Pet Day. Why not get a little corny, you know? Your cats deserve it.

"Looking good, feline good."

You can do so much with the word "feline," because it can easily sound like "feeling." And honestly, your cat is probably always looking and feeling good, so this pun will work for anything.

"Catitude is everything."

Contrary to popular belief, cats can be super lovable - but they definitely have their moments where they live up to the stereotype of them having major attitude. Enter "catitude." It's the pun that fits every cat!

"Meow is the time to hug your cat."

Get it? Because "meow" sounds like "now?" This is another easy word to make into a million different puns. Use this one with a cute photo of you hugging your cat.

"You're all I knead."

If you have a cat, you know that kneading is one of their favorite activities ever. For those who aren't sure what it means: it's basically when your cat gets on a blanket or piece of clothing and pulls the cloth as they get comfortable. It means they feel happy and peaceful. How cute is that?!

"Meow and furever."

Sure, "now and forever" is usually used during a wedding, when you're marrying someone and pledging the rest of your life to them, but who says you can't do that with your cats?

"I've gotta a lot of felines for you."

Get it? Because you're completely obsessed with your cat and would basically do anything for them?

"What do you call a pile of cats? A meowtain."

A meowtain! It's too cute! It's the best! If you have a whole bunch of cats and you post a picture of them cuddling, you basically have to use this pun as the caption.

"Cats can purrr their way out of everything."

This doesn't 100 percent make sense, but you get it. Also, it's true. My cats could do something completely awful, and then they look at me and meow, and I stop being mad at them. It's kind of the worst.

"Sorry I'm late, my cat was sitting on me."

Because you can't just move your cat when they're laying comfortably on you. That's, like, the worst thing you could do.

"I've gato have all the cats for my own."

Guys, gato means cat. That's why this pun works. Also, it's true for any cat lady!

"Feline lucky to have this one by my side."

Show the world just how much you adore your cat with a cute picture with them, and this sweet caption.

"You are meowt of this world."

Okay, "meowt" is not a word at all, but it works here. And it's really adorable!

"Look at my meowgical cat."

Meowgical! I think this might be my new favorite made-up word.

"Cat hair, don't care."

If you own a cat, then you are well aware that they will get their cat hair on everything. On your clothes, your bed, your blankets, your sofa, everything. You'll find it in your food, and at some point, you'll stop being grossed out. It's just part of owning a cat.

"They had me at 'meow.'"

I mean, yes. This is everything.