15 Punny Instagram Caption Ideas For National Sisters Day Tomorrow

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

There's Mother's Day and Father's Day, but if you have a sister or someone who's like a sister to you, you likely want a special day to give them all the love they deserve. Ask and you shall receive. Show you love for your sis with punny National Sisters Day Instagram captions Aug. 5. "All siblings have the odd argument here and there, but deep down there’s little way around the natural connection between siblings," National Day Calendar noted. "Cherish the memories and make plans to create new ones. Reconnect or patch up any misunderstandings. Sisters are forever."

Celebrated the first Sunday in August, this day is just for sisters or friends that are like sisters. "Make this day a special celebration with your sister. If you don’t have a sister, you can still celebrate the friendships of sisterhood by having a girls’ night out. Post on social media using #NationalSistersDay to encourage others to do the same." Even if you have a contentious relationship with your sister, punny Instagram captions can show her you'll never forget the time she dragged you around by your hair, but maybe you actually can forgive her, and you love her just the same.


When times are tough, my sister is my hug dealer.

Once you get past the hair pulling and clothes stealing, your sister is likely the one you go to when the going gets rough. She's always ready with a hug, effectively making her your hug dealer. After all, hugs beat drugs.


Yoda the best sister.

Whenever you're lost, you can always turn to Yoda for advice. If you sister is your Yoda, tell her: Yoda the best sister.


When we get together, it's always whisky business.

Having a sister, or a bestie that's like a sister, means you'll always have a built in wing woman who will be there to tell that annoying person who's hitting on you to get lost.


Nacho average sister.

What's better than having a sister BAE? Chilling with some Netflix and nachos. Obviously.


I have the best sea-star.

Whether she's your surfing buddy, unicorn pool float partner, or rosé-all-day BAE, let your sister know she is your one and only sea-star.


To my sister; you always had the best hare.

And by hare, I mean that cute little bunny rabbit you had when we were kids. Hey, your real hair is pretty rad too.


It's National Sisters Day! Let's taco-bout it over some tacos.

Let's be honest, tacos are for every day. On National Sisters Day, take your sis out for some extra fancy tacos. The kind that come with a side of tequila.


You mermaid to be my sister.

Celebrate National Sisters Day with your sis or bestie by putting on those matching mermaid tails — yes, those are a thing — and spending the day at the pool. After all, you two mermaid for each other.


Word can't espresso how glad I am that you're my sister.

If your sister is the Rory to your Lorelai, espresso your love for her by bringing her a coffee.


My sister is a real big dill.

Perhaps your love of pickles is a close second to you love for your sister. Even if you love pickles more, let her know that she's still a real big dill.


If I had to pick someone to be my sister, I'd pickle you!

If your bestie is like a sister to you, let her know that you pickle her over anyone else in the world.


I doughnut know what I'd do without you.

Also, please bring doughnuts.


I love you to pizzas.

Celebrate National Sisters Day with two pizzas.


My sister is totally pawsome.

If your sister has four legs, don't forget to let her know that she's totally pawsome on National Sisters Day.


Lettuce us celebrate National Sisters Day.

Also, let us not eat lettuce. National Sisters Day calls for something celebratory, like doughnut salad. Make some for your sister or your sister BAE on their special day. Because, sisters deserve all of the good things.