15 ‘Endgame’ Theories About The Quantum Realm That’ll Blow Your Friggin’ Mind

Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe have worked themselves up into a frenzy over every scrap of detail that might hint at what's going to happen in Avengers: Endgame, and they're not about to let the film's looming April 26 release stop them from running through every possibility in the meantime. Most fan theories center around the Quantum Realm from Ant-Man, and with good reason — this strange dimension offers the possibility of inter-dimensional connections, time travel, and potentially undoing the fatal Snap Heard Across the Universe. Because this plot point seems essential to the conclusion of this story, here are 15 Quantum Realm Endgame theories that are as convoluted as the space itself.

Last we saw Scott Lang, a.k.a. Ant-Man (Paul Rudd), he was unknowingly trapped in the Quantum Realm when his entire team was turned to dust by Thanos's finger snap. And yet, who should show up at Avengers headquarters in the Endgame trailer in his tricked-out van? So fans are convinced that the Quantum Realm has to be involved in the plot in a major way. Even those not completely on board that the space is the place have to be wondering: How the heck did Scott escape, and what does that mean for those trying to retrieve their other friends?

We know the Quantum Realm contains strange energy, time vortices, and alternate probabilities, all temptingly easy outs and plot devices for a fanbase desperate to see their favorites come back, and eager for answers. In the meantime the actual plot remains as mysterious as the Quantum Realm itself. But that hasn't stopped fans from trying.


That's Not Scott Lang

There are a lot of oddball theories out there, but let's start with one of the most bananas: that the Scott rolling up to headquarters isn't actually him, but a Skrull in disguise....


The God Of Mischief Strikes Again

...Or even more outlandish, Loki in disguise, which would mean Loki faked his death for, what, the fifth time? Wouldn't he just roll through instead of, as this Reddit theory from a deleted user posits, "used his clone power or whatever it's called"?


That *Is* Scott Lang & Doctor Strange Set It Up

This wouldn't be the first time Strange let himself die to set a plan in motion, but it's a lot riskier. Then again, this is the man who looked into all the possibilities of defeating Thanos and said there was only one solution sooooo...


Or Perhaps Ghost Didn't Ghost After All

Ah yes, the non-villain of Ant-Man & The Wasp, what happened to her? Last we saw she went on the lam, and Scott was left stranded harvesting quantum energy to help her. She's still prone to phasing, meaning even if she was one of the unlucky set up for dusting... you can't dust what's not matter.


Then Again Maybe We're Focusing On The Wrong Quantum Leaper

Ok, yes — the whole reason Scott's trapped in the Realm is because Hank, Janet, and Hope all disintegrated. So how the heck does Scott get out when genius Janet was trapped for years? Well, maybe it's because Janet's the one who figures out she can do more leaving herself trapped in the realm and helping Scott leave than by escaping herself. Plus she's "evolved", so who knows what she's capable of, or if she even fully exists in this reality any more.


Loki's Back (Again), Baby

So, this fan posits that not only is Loki alive, but that he also has an alternate-dimension gauntlet that'll work in the Quantum Realm, where Thanos's won't. Sure, why not.


So *That's* What's Up With Those Suits

Those white suits were the talk of the latest Endgame trailer. And while a new look would definitely boost morale, plenty of fans think there's more to it than that, with the suits pointing to Quantum solutions.


...Or Maybe Not

Well whatever the reason, the sartorial swap can't be coincidental.


Goose The Cat With The Save

Forget Captain Marvel or any other would-be rescuer, Scott saves himself from the Quantum Realm with a coughed-up Tesseract courtesy of a not-cat. As this Reddit theory from user therealzog notes, Goose the Cat is not a cat but a creature called a Flerken — a rare alien that just happens to look exactly like an Earth cat, and has the ability to hold the Tesseract inside of her.


No Time Travel, No Quantum Space, Just Good Ol' Fashioned Wishing

If the Infinity Gauntlet got everyone into this mess, it's what'll get them out. This Reddit theory from user zyax21 says that the film will follow the squad rebuilding the Gauntlet and re-gathering the stones, so someone can wield it and bring back everyone poofed out of existence... at the expense of their own lives.


Gauntlet Reassemblage

This one's got a lot of heat since it seems pretty credible. In a more specific version of the above theory, from Reddit user @JadedC*ntsicle, Iron Man decides to rebuild the gauntlet, and the film has everyone zipping through the Quantum Realm to get the stones, with Thanos hellbent on stopping them.


The Quantum Realm Of Cross-Promotion

It's very convenient that with the merger of several corporations, all of a sudden there's this realm that'll allow access to different timelines, heck, even entirely different properties and franchises! Reddit user copydawg83's theory goes so deep into minutiae it comes out the other side with this ultimate positing.


I Guess We *Have* To Mention The Thanus Theory

This one's taken on a weird life of its own, but basically comes down to Ant-Man escaping the Quantum Realm and expanding at a most inconvenient place and time for Thanos.


They're Already Stuck In A Time Loop

This theory by sidthejar99 leans more heavily on the IRL fact of quantum entanglement (with particles at a distance simultaneously affected) with B.A.R.F. technology to manipulate memories, a Lathe of Heaven effect, if you will.


Avengers Assemble For Groundhog's Day

A Time Loop variant — in this theory, it turns out EVERYONE is right as the film follows the team running through scenario after scenario, each failing, until they hit the ONE solution Strange saw involving the Quantum Realm and set them up to eventually get to. They have all the time in the world, after all.

All fan theories will be put to rest once Avengers: Endgame hits theaters... until the credits roll and speculation begins anew on the next phase of Marvel movies. Man, talk about time loops and infinity.