15 Sapphic Romances For Anyone Who's Tired Of Boy-Meets-Girl Love Stories

If you're tired of all the boy-meets-girl romances being flung around this season, I've got 15 sapphic romances to read this Valentine's Day instead. Whether you're looking for a classic novel about queer women or a cute F/F love story, the books on this list have your Valentine's Day reading list covered.

Now, you might be asking yourself why I call the books on this list "sapphic romances," instead of "lesbian novels." The answer is pretty simple — not all women who love women are lesbians! Some are bi — like me — or pan, while others identify as queer, demisexual, or asexual. Because many of the women in these books are not exclusively attracted to other women, and because a relationship between two women isn't automatically a "lesbian" one, I've elected to use "sapphic" to describe these books instead.

I've tried to pick mostly new books for this list, but I've also included a few classics and personal faves as well. I'm sure I've missed your favorite book, so be sure to give me your own reading recommendations when you're done with this list. Check out the 15 sapphic romances I've picked out for you below:

'When Katie Met Cassidy' by Camille Perri

Newly single after breaking up with her ex-fiancé, Katie isn't sure how to act when she meets Cassidy: the androgynous woman sitting across from her at the negotiating table — and the first woman she's ever fallen for.

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'We Are Okay' by Nina LaCour

Marin went off to college on the other side of the country without even saying goodbye. Now, with the holidays fast approaching, her best friend Mabel is traveling from California to New York to visit, and Marin will be forced to confront all the reasons why she disappeared, and what she left behind.

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'Bingo Love' by Tee Franklin and Jenn St-Onge

In this romantic graphic novel, an elderly woman recounts the story of her friendship and love affair with another woman, which began at a bingo game in 1963, and was rekindled decades later, after marriages and families had separated them.

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'The Well of Loneliness' by Radclyffe Hall

First published in 1928, The Well of Loneliness tells the story of Stephen Gordon, a masculine young woman who grows up confused by her attractions to other women, until she reads a book in her late father's study and discovers that there are other women who have no sexual or romantic interest in men.

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'The Summer of Jordi Perez (And the Best Burger in Los Angeles)' by Amy Spalding

Plus-size style blogger Abby gets a shot at a career in fashion when she secures an internship at a local boutique, which could turn into a paid position after summer ends. But her fellow intern, cute photographer Jordi, is also in consideration for the job, and Abby soon finds herself kissing the competition.

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'Princess Princess' by Katie O'Neill

Neither Amira nor Sadie lives up to the conventions of being a "princess" in their respective lands. But after Amira frees Sadie and her pet dragon from their imprisonment in a tower, the two girls set out to define the princess role for themselves.

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'Marriage of a Thousand Lies' by SJ Sindu

Lucky and Krishna married to please their conservative families, who don't know their children are gay. But a return home complicates the arrangement for Lucky, who finds her childhood friend and former lover, Nisha, preparing to enter into an arranged marriage.

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'Pulp' by Robin Talley

Bringing together the narratives of two teenagers separated by more than 60 years, Pulp centers on Janet and Abby, who both uncover a sense of belonging when they turn the pages of 1950s lesbian pulp novels.

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'Skim' by Mariko Tamaki and Jillian Tamaki

Created by cousins Mariko and Jillian Tamaki, Skim tells the story of Kimberly Keiko "Skim" Cameron, a private-school goth and misfit, who slides into depression after a classmate's suicide places her school in the throes of forced positivity.

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'The Necessary Hunger' by Nina Revoyr

High school basketball player Nancy Takahiro's future is uncertain. She's courted by recruiters from various colleges, but isn't sure where she'll go once high school ends. But when her father moves in with the mother of her friend and basketball rival Raina Webber, Nancy's life gets a little more complicated.

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'The Love & Lies of Rukhsana Ali' by Sabina Khan

Feeling stifled at home with her conservative parents, 17-year-old Rukhsana counts the days until she can ship out for Caltech. After her parents find out about her girlfriend, however, they send Rukhsana to Bangladesh, where an arranged marriage awaits. But her grandmother's old diaries are also waiting for her, and they offer some unexpected insight into her situation.

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'Moonstruck, vol. 1: Magic to Brew' by Grace Ellis, Shae Beagle, and Kate Leth

From Lumberjanes co-creator Grace Ellis comes this series of comics about werewolf girlfriends Julie and Selena, who must work together to save their centaur friend, Chet, after a spell turns Chet into a regular human!

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'Notes of a Crocodile' by Qiu Miaojin

Told through brief glimpses into the lives of its characters, Notes of a Crocodile focuses on the members of a small group of queer college friends in late-1980s Taipei, which include narrator Lazi, a student harboring a troublesome attraction to an older woman.

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'Queens of Geek' by Jen Wilde

Two love stories hinge on a fan convention in this YA romance from The Brightsiders author Jen Wilde. Actress Charlie has just suffered a public breakup with the co-star of her first movie, but things start to look up when another actress, Alyssa, shows interest in her. Meanwhile, convention attendee Taylor has deep, silent hopes that her friendship with best bro Jamie will blossom into something more.

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'Heavy Vinyl: Riot on the Radio' by Carly Usdin and Nina Vakueva

Set in late-1990s New Jersey, Heavy Vinyl centers on Chris, a high-school student who lands her dream job at local record store Vinyl Destination, where her crush, Maggie, works. But after learning that Maggie and the rest of the Vinyl Destination staff are part of an all-girl crime-fighting unit, Chris' dream job changes a little, as she tries to show that she has what it takes to kick the patriarchy's ass.

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