15 Sapphic Romances To Cozy Up With This Valentine's Day

If you're tired of all the boy-meets-girl romances being flung around this season, I've got 15 sapphic romances to read this Valentine's Day instead. Whether you're looking for a classic novel about queer women or a cute F/F love story, the books on this list have your Valentine's Day reading list covered.

Now, you might be asking yourself why I call the books on this list "sapphic romances," instead of "lesbian novels." The answer is pretty simple — not all women who love women are lesbians! Some are bi — like me — or pan, while others identify as queer, demisexual, or asexual. Because many of the women in these books are not exclusively attracted to other women, and because a relationship between two women isn't automatically a "lesbian" one, I've elected to use "sapphic" to describe these books instead.

I've tried to pick mostly new books for this list, but I've also included a few classics and personal faves as well. I'm sure I've missed your favorite book, so be sure to give me your own reading recommendations when you're done with this list. Check out the 15 sapphic romances I've picked out for you below: