15 Stories About Women Being Hepeated By Men That Will Infuriate You

by Megan Grant

"Hepeated": it's the latest word in the English language to make every woman collectively say, "Omg, yes." Hepeating happens when you suggest an idea that's ignored, only to be welcomed with open arms when a man later repeats it. The concept is nothing new; but the instant the word hit the web, everyone sort of fell in love/went crazy, and now stories about women being hepeated by men are flooding Twitter.

It was Nicole Gugliucci — social advocate and professor — who hopped on Twitter with news that her friends had coined the delightfully witty yet oddly accurate word; and I don't think we've been able to relate this well since "mansplaining" made its first appearance. As women, most of us can remember a time at home or at work or in school when we pitched an idea that received a lukewarm reception but somehow became brilliant when a man later suggested it.

Of course, we don't usually speak up when something like this happens — because nothing exacerbates the stereotype of the overly emotional, hyper sensitive female like saying, "That was my idea first!" Nevertheless, receiving confirmation that your thoughts are only worthy when uttered from the lips of a man is a real kick in the ovaries.

The word resonates with us, to say the least, and Twitter has had so many feelings that we just couldn't hold it in anymore. Countless women have found themselves on the rotten end of hepeating — and it occurs as subtly and naturally as mansplaining that we have a hard time getting people to notice it. Sometimes, people don't mean to hepeat, which is why we should bring it to their attention. Sometimes, people intentionally hepeat, which is why we should definitely bring it to their attention. It's gotten out of hand.

See the madness for yourself.


Women In Economics

Is it safe to assume it's a largely male-dominated course? Kind of like...


Women In Tech

We already know that women in technology are at a disadvantage, because men are innately better at this stuff, you know.

Hepeating in this environment is not even slightly surprising.


Husbands Know Best

Maybe he was there and he was hiding under a table or something. Give the guy some credit.



In this case, the hepeating is intentional. Well played, friend. They thought they were running the show, but you beat them at their own game.


Strategic Hepeating

You're welcome for all the valuable information she's unintentionally given you, gentlemen.


Hepeating To Manipulate

Ah, I see what he did there. Very clever, young man. Let's be clear about who's the brains behind this.


Women Complain Too Much Anyway

Men's complaints are legitimate. Women's are whiny or something. Must be PMS.


Standing Up Against Hepeating

To be fair, a hepeater may not even know he's hepeating. Sometimes, all you have to do is acknowledge it, and it'll stop.


In Denial Of Hepetition

LIES. It was her idea and he knew it. Way to hold your female employees back, dude. #BadManagerAward



#Himplemented! Get this woman a cookie. We're inventing new words left and right. Enjoy it now, because we probably won't get credit later. Baha! *crying*


Covert Hepeating

Good man. At least Zelda was in control of the hepeating. This guy deserves a gold star for helping out his female coworker.


"Who dares challenge me?"

Well, yeah. Women aren't supposed to correct men. That goes against the laws of nature.


Hepeated Or The Highway

I guess if your options are to be hepeated or for your thoughts to go unheard entirely... you choose hepeating?


And Then What Happened... Won't Surprise You At All

Oh, oh, let me guess! Everyone realized the idea originally came from you and they started listening to you from then on? ... No?


Hepeating Is Woven Into Our Social Fabric

See? Even the president can't avoid hepeating. That's when you know there's a serious problem.