15 Sunday Night Blues Memes That'll Make You LOL Into Forgetting Tomorrow's Monday

Sunday blues are real y'all. Bluer than the deepest lapis lazuli, the struggle of knowing that the true hangover begins tomorrow. The one when you have to potentially be a real, normal, professional person. I know, it's revolting isn't it. If it makes you feel even a smidge better, you are absolutely not alone. No, you are one of countless hoards who are in the depths of despondency. There are endless examples, but here are 15 Sunday night blues memes because babe, I got you.

It has been suggested by many that the weekend was introduced as an experiment to see how happy people could be and then snatch it right out of their hands in the blink of an eye. OK maybe that isn't true, but seriously... five days on, two days off, is not enough. Real talk. A company in New Zealand has been trialling four day weeks and guess what? It has been an absolute rip roaring success. Imagine a world where you have three whole days off. Maybe I should fully book a one way ticket to New Zealand? Meh let's be real — no matter how many days your weekend had, it would never be long enough.

Right, let's do this. Imagine me holding your hand. You are not alone.

The only thing more sad than you crying, is Oprah crying. She just cares so much about everyone and is so cool. You get to be sad, and you get to be sad and YOU GET TO BE SAD.

Some deal with being blue by using meditation, mindfulness, yoga, long walks in nature. For the rest of us, there is red wine.

According to the old adage, time flies when you're having fun. Break out of work on a Friday evening as happy as a pig in muck. Then literally a second later whichever BBC Sunday night drama is ruling your life is wrapping up.

At least Sundays are the day of rest. So yes, you are blue but guys, it is a day where eating and sleeping all day are not only absolutely fine, but are actually celebrated. You need to conserve that energy babes.

It is easy when you roll into bed on a Sunday night to think "how in the heck am I going to deal with this BS."

The stress of what awaits builds, causing a swirling ball of anxiety like a cauldron of boiling oil.

You might be all "oh god was all this chaos even worth it?! My money is gone! I have lost a shoe! Will this hangover ever end?!"

It's an acutely tough blend of being relaxed AF, while also looking down the barrel of 5 days of compulsory good behaviour, being professional, and bra wearing.

Yes, those pesky blues can just roll over you like a pea soup fog.

OK maybe we can cancel tomorrow? Or like, sickie? Could I pull a sickie?

But no, like death and taxes, Monday is inevitable.

I guess everyone feels like this though. Putting their true crazy self back in a box.

And you can dwell and dwell on how you feel like time has actually been stolen. Why is it never enough time WHY?

But babe the show must go on, and in five days, you will get another weekend.

Also, pandas.

You can do this. I believe in you.