What You Should Check Out Before Renting An Apartment

If you've ever experienced apartment living, than you probably know there are always little surprises after you move in — surprises you would've rather avoided. There's a lengthy list of things to check out before renting an apartment that can save you a world of time, stress, and money later on down the road; you just have to know what to look for. That's not always the easiest task, though, which is why it was the topic of conversation in a recent AskReddit thread. Redditors discussed the most important things to check before renting a new property — and their responses are excellent reminders of all the things you might not realize you should be paying attention to.

Finding a suitable place to live can be incredibly overwhelming. You need to find something that fits within your price range; it has to be in a good area (safe and convenient); and it needs to be able to accommodate you and your belongings. Sometimes, it feels as though paperwork and expenses are swallowing you whole. In the past, I've been so stressed out by finding the perfect apartment that, at times, I've seriously contemplated living out of my car.

Consider this you new handy checklist for the next time you go apartment hunting. Don't let any potential nuisances catch you off guard. Here are some things to ask about before you ever sign on the dotted line; head on over to AskReddit for more.

Water Pressure And Temperature

What's worse than a shower that never gets hot and basically dribbles water on you because the pressure is so low? Nothing. The answer is nothing. Turn on all faucets (sinks, showers, and baths) before making any decisions about renting.


Do you see any bubbling or discolored paint? Is there water damage? If so, there could very well be mold lingering. Check all of the ceilings, windows, doors, bathrooms, and the kitchen.

Emergency Maintenance

Will someone come to your apartment in the middle of the night if a sink overflows or you clog the toilet? (No judgment.) How much does management care about its renters? Make sure the maintenance staff is on point.

Bugs And Droppings

Check the floors, carpeting, closets, cabinets, and the exterior for bugs — living and dead — as well as any little presents they've left behind. If you find poo everywhere, the bugs probably haven't gone far. One or two bugs is no biggie; that's just life. But if there appears to be a legitimate problem, the pests either need to pitch in for rent or GTFO.

The Noise Level

Drive around the neighborhood at different times of day (and especially at night) to see what the noise level is like. Anyone can tell you that the area is peaceful and quiet — you need to see (or hear) it for yourself.

Pizza Delivery

This is no joke. Call the local pizza place and see if they'll deliver to your home or location. If they say no, there might very well be a reason why — like concerns for the delivery drivers' safety.

Phone And WiFi Signals

You should check the signal driving into your complex, all around your unit, and in every room — because things can change between the kitchen and your bedroom.

The Dumpster Area

Want to know more about a community? Go to where the dumpsters are. If it's disgusting, that could mean one of two things: Either the residents don't give a rat's patootie about keeping the place clean and respectable, or no one is being paid (or being paid enough) to keep the area tidy on a regular basis. Or both. Which would really stink. Literally and figuratively.

Your Internet Options

Call different internet service providers and give them your full address. Make sure you know your options and who's available to cover you.

Count And Test All Outlets

These are so easy to overlook; but busted outlets that don't work can be a huge pain in the butt. Bring something easy like your phone charger and check every single one. Also, are there enough in every room?

Talk To The Neighbors

Ask them what the best and worst things are about living there. They can tell you things that a manager or property owner can't.

Look At The Exact Apartment You'll End Up In

Don't settle for the showcase apartment. Of course this is going to be beautiful. Know exactly what you're getting into before it happens.

Drive Around During Rush Hour

Find out how congested it gets and what the drivers are like. If getting into your car in that area gives you major anxiety, this is something to take into consideration.

Look Into The Crime Statistics

Check up on what's happened in that area in the last six months. Contact the local police to see how often they're called to your street or complex.


While nobody can control the weather, try to visit the apartment on a windy day and run your hands along all of the doors and window frames. If you feel a breeze, this needs to be addressed before you move in.