These Hair Tools Are A Must For Every WOC With Natural Hair
by Summer Arlexis

Every Afro-textured hair beauty boasts a crown full of unique kinks and coils that are different from the next naturalista. But no matter the various curl patterns and textures, the best grooming tools for WOC with natural hair are universal.

A curly mane can seriously have a mind of its own, so going from relaxed tresses back to a natural texture calls for doing some spring cleaning with your beauty tools. Without the right hair tools and gadgets in your stash, all hope for taming the beast will be lost. A few hair pins, scrunchies, and a paddle brush just isn't going to cut it. The all-star products for styling textured hair will detangle kinks with ease, slick the most unruly strands, and enhance your fro with mega volume. So, be prepared to transform your bathroom; It will likely look like a professional salon once your counters are topped with dozens of brushes, strange gadgets, and hair bottles filled with custom concoctions.

Coupled with killer styling techniques, an arsenal of effective groomers make doing your hair a breeze. One good hair day after another is in your future if you invest in these 15 curly hair essentials.



Conair Volumizing Diffuser Attachment, $8, Amazon

Go big or go home! Diffusers help naturalistas achieve a gorgeous Diana Ross mega fro. Generally sold as separate attachments that can fit nearly any device, you won't have to shell out the big bucks for an entirely new blow dyer just to get your hands on one.


Wide Tooth Comb

Ouidad Double Detangler Comb, $26, Ulta

If there's any one tool a curly Q needs, it's a wide tooth comb. They glide through kinks without creating more tangles, whether you use it on wet or dry hair. Your mane seriously cannot survive without it.


Afro Pick

Goody Slide-Proof Stay Put 3ct Hair Pick, $8, Amazon

To create big hair, going old school with a pick does the trick. I'm so addicted to fluffing out my wash-and-go curls with a pick that I keep one in my bathroom, car, and purse. Plastic versions are gentler on your strands, but a metal pick can pass through thick, kinky hair like nobody's business. Just be sure to be careful when fluffing to your heart's content.


Edge Groomer

Evolve "Perfect Edge" Bamboo Brush, $4, Amazon

An edge tamer is essential to a natural haired beauty's existence. Some naturalistas even opt for using spare toothbrushes to slick their baby hairs. No matter the method, a small groomer and the perfect edge control gel will have you slaying sleek styles.


Croc Clips

Non Slip Croc Clips, $9, Sally Beauty

Trying to tackle your entire your head at once can be a nightmare, so parting off small chunks of hair is always the way to go. When it comes to dentangling, applying product, or styling in sections "crocodile" clips will be your BFFs. They can grip thick hair and hold sections in place tightly.


Flexi Rods

Goody Start. Style. Finish. Spiral It Out Flexible Rod Rollers, $14, Target

Using as little heat as possible on natural hair will help your curls thrive., but you may want to switch up your curl pattern every now and then. Make flexi rods your go-to for creating heat-free spirals. Available in a range of sizes, they can give your mane an amazing new look.


Stretching Plates

The "Perfect Combo" Stretching Tool Kit, $55, Cwkgirls

Working on stretched hair can open up styling possibilities for curly girls. Luckily, using heat to straighten or blow dry your curls isn't your only option for elongating your strands. Stretching plates get the job done without heat, a much healthier alternative for your mane.


Denman Brush

Denman 9 Row Classic Styling Brush, $13, Sally Beauty

The groomer I never knew I needed until I had one, this classic Denman styling brush is a holy grail tool for me. It combs through my kinks effortlessly and helps distribute my favorite products throughout every strand. Don't deprive your curly fro of this heaven sent brush.


Spray Bottle

Soft 'N Style 160z Hair Designer Spray Bottle, $6, Amazon

If there's one thing I consistently use daily, it's my 'ol trusty spray bottle. As you get better acquainted with your curls, you may discover they're best enhanced by a blend of ingredients rather than a single product. Keep a spray bottle handy and you'll be able to spritz your go-to leave-ins, moisturizers, and oils into your hair all at once.


Plastic Caps

Evolve Plastic Hair Caps, $3, Target

Throw on a plastic cap during a deep conditioning treatment or hair mask and you won't be sorry. Your natural body heat helps conditioning ingredients absorb into the hair follicle, better moisturizing your mane while "cooking" underneath a cap. Your gateway to hair that's soft and supple, plastic caps are must-haves.


Hair Steamer

Q-Redew Handheld Hair Steamer, $70, Amazon

For naturalistas having a hard time keeping their strands hydrated, a hair steamer makes life so much easier. Moist heat from a steamer helps your go-to conditioners and moisturizers better penetrate the hair shaft. Head out the door with refreshed curls when you use this handy gadget to revive a moisture-deprived, lifeless fro.


Applicator Bottle

Leakproof Applicator Bottle, $2, Sally Beauty

Make applying essential oils to your scalp easy and mess-free by using an applicator bottle. Their precision nozzles help you control where you apply product. Feel free to create a blend of oils within them for customized nourishment perfect for your unique texture.


Head Wrap

"Kumasi" Wrap, $27,

Every curly Q should keep a head wrap at her disposal. Available in mesmerizing color schemes and patterns, they add flair to your look whether you're hiding a hairstyle gone wrong underneath or just simply want to jazz up your ensemble.


Microfiber Towel

DevaCurl DevaTowel, $16, Amazon

You don't want a traditional towel destroying all of the work you put into perfecting your curls. Standard towels can create frizz, clump your curls, and absorb moisture from your strands. Opt for a microfiber towel on wash days instead to dry your tresses while controlling frizz.


Satin Sleep Aids

Evolve Naturally Sleep Bonnet, $3, Target

Knowing how to sleep on natural hair is the key to preserving your best hairdos. Make silk your bedtime buddy, whether you rest using a silk scarf, bonnet, or pillowcase. Unlike other harsh materials, silk won't snag your strands or create frizz.


A curly girl can't get away with using any and everything on her precious mane. Incorporate these golden hair must-haves into your daily routine, and you'll be using the best of the best.