People Are Sharing The Weirdest Things That Scared Them As Kids & You Will Relate SO Hard

Kids are terrified of the weirdest things. According to my parents, when I was a toddler, I had a deep-seated fear of clowns. I can't explain this to you: I don't remember it, I don't understand it, and yet, I totally believe it — because I still think clowns are creepy AF.

According to, fear stems from the time we are infants, and is a response powered by evolutionary survival instincts whenever we feel endangered, threatened, or unsafe. Fear can therefore be helpful, as it can protect you from things that might bring you harm, but it can also lead you to avoid situations you associate with fear. Avoiding something will only cause the fear to grow. When you're a kid, many unfamiliar situations are startling or scary, but as you grow up, you will most likely learn to conquer these fears as they become more familiar.

Recently, people shared the weirdest things that scared them as kids on Twitter, from pianos that could chase you down to the stairs to what could happen if you looked in the mirror for too long, If some of these memories below don't still send a shiver down your spine, they'll at least make you giggle.

An Untucked Teddy Bear

This legitimately sounds like something out of a horror film.

Baby There's A Shark In The Water

I totally thought this too. Every time a shadow hit the water.

Mirror Mirror On The Wall

That is super creepy. I wouldn't trust reflection-me for a second.

Late Night Frights

Sometimes, when I can't fall asleep at night, I still feel this way!

Window Vamps and Mind Readers

Can you imagine if your thoughts popped up above your head like speech bubbles? Sounds like an episode of Black Mirror.

Keep Your Belly Button Tied Tight

OK, how exactly would that work?

Pummeled By Electricity Rods

Now that you mention it, they do like rather eerie...

Running With The Wolves

This was clearly a pre-Twilight Era fear. Who wouldn't want to run away with Jacob?

Toilet Tsunamis

This is hilarious. I grew up in a super tall apartment building, so at least that gave me peace of mind — it would take a lot of toilets.

Letting Your Limbs Out From Under The Covers

This is a very real adult fear. The second your foot is outside of the safety and comfort of your sheets, it'll surely get snatched up by the monster that lives under the bed.

Being Buried Alive

This is a terrifying thought, and definitely something depicted in movies way too often.

Being Devoured By A Whale

But couldn't you just live in it's belly, like Pinocchio?

The Ghost Writer & The Ghost

There's definitely a Lifetime made-for-TV movie in there somewhere.

Life Is A Never-Ending Highway

This is a very relatable fear — driving on highways is so scary! Drivers can be so reckless!

Being Chased By Haunted Instruments

This is my fave. I'd like to think when I was dreading violin lessons as I kid, I'd daydream about them chasing me around too.

No matter what your childhood fears or phobias were, be proud that you had the strength to confront them head on. And if you're still struggling to overcome a fear, as weird as it may seem, remember that your body is reacting that way for a reason. Get at the root of the problem, and don't be afraid to reach out for help. Remember, you are greater than the thoughts that make you feel small.