11 Comfiest Leggings You Can Buy Right Now

by Rosie Narasaki

Leggings have always been something of a divisive subject, but no matter which side you fall on the whole "Are leggings pants?" issue, we can all agree on one thing: the fact that they're majorly comfy. So, here's the real question: Which leggings are the comfiest you can buy right now? Honestly, let's figure this out — and then we can worry about whether or not they're technically acceptable pants.

Leggings have lots of uses in our lives — maybe you're wearing them to your favorite yoga class, or to keep warm under your various layers, or even in the workplace. No matter what your legging type of choice is, it turns out there's no shortage of comfortable options. Trying to make it through a cold climate? You might want to go with something insulated and/or fleece-lined. Trying to make it through spin class? Look for moisture-wicking, breathable textiles. Trying to pass them off as real pants? Well, structure, thickness (as in, not see-through) and fit are key.

So, with all that in mind, let's go ahead and take a look at 11 of the comfiest leggings in town, from fancy celeb faves, to bargains from your favorite mall stores.

1. American Giant The Pant

American Giant The Pant, $69, American Giant

Remember those sweatshirts that were so comfy and durable they racked up waitlists in the thousands? Well, it turns out that the brand makes leggings too, and they're every bit as fabulous.

2. Lululemon Simply Bare Tight

Lululemon Simply Bare Tight, $108, Lululemon

There's a reason why Lululemon's leggings and yoga pants are so much a part of the current zeitgeist — they're good. They have a streamlined look, and they also happen to feel just as good as sweatpants.

3. Hue Wide Waistband Leggings

Hue Wide Waistband Leggings, $36, Nordstrom

Hue's known for their high-performing tights, and their leggings are no different: They're high-quality, well-priced, and no-nonsense.

4. Uniqlo Heattech Extra Warm Leggings

Uniqlo Women's Heattech Extra Warm Leggings, $10, Uniqlo

Full disclosure, they're a touch on the sheer side, so you're probably not going to want to wear them as pants — but they feel like you're wearing a warm cloud, so a little sheerness is worth it.

5. ASOS Curve Supersoft Legging In Cotton Modal

ASOS Curve PremiumSupersoft Legging In Cotton Modal, $19, Asos

"Supersoft," "modal" — the name of these leggings say it all. Pair them with a loose sweater and sneakers as shown above, and you'll really be at max comfort.

6. ADAY Throw It Higher Leggings

ADAY Throw It Higher Leggings, $125, This Is A Day

They're super well-fitting and they're made of Olympic-grade high-performance fabric. You're going to want to live in them.

7. ALO High-Waist Airbrush Leggings

ALO High-Waist Airbrush Leggings, $82, Alo Yoga

They're super soft, have no side-seams, and feature a trendy high waist. Plus, they've got the Gigi Hadid seal of approval, which is all we really need to know.

8. Zella Live In Leggings

Zella Live In Leggings, $58, Nordstrom

Here's to another pair of leggings that live up to their name: this pair is so comfy and and basic that you really are going to want to wear them everyday.

9. Danskin Classic Supplex Body Fit Ankle Legging

Danskin Classic Supplex Body Fit Ankle Legging, $42, Danskin

Danskin has been outfitting ballerinas for decades, so you can bet they make a breathable, soft leggings that's easy to move in.

10. Merona Women's Fleece Lined Leggings

Merona Women's Fleece Lined Leggings, $13, Target

To reach the next level of comfort, you're definitely going to want to check out leggings of the fleece-lined variety.

11. Violeta Decorative Seam Leggings

Violeta Decorative Seam Leggings, $50, Mango

These are super chic, but basically peak leisurewear. Perfect for around the house and out on a shopping excursion with your friends.

12. LC Lauren Conrad Solid Leggings

Women's LC Lauren Conrad Solid Leggings, $10, Kohls

Leave it to leggings queen Lauren Conrad to bring her own personal brand of stylish comfort to the masses. You can shop her line at Kohl's for quite the bargain.

13. Aerie Hi-Rise Chill Legging

Aerie Hi-Rise Chill Legging, $10, AE Outfitters

Aerie's known for their super-soft loungewear, and their classic leggings are no different.

14. Hard Tail Fleur de Lis Waist Leggings

Hard Tail Fleur de Lis Waist Leggings, $68, Nordstrom

No one does buttery soft athleisurewear quite like Hard Tail, and the detailing on the ankles of this particular pair is adorable.

15. The North Face Women's Light Tights

The North Face Women's Light Tights, $45, The North Face

You know and love their cozy fleeces — so it only stands to reason that their leggings are every bit as comfortable (though sadly not as fuzzy).

16. Marika Essential Leggings

Marika Essential Legging, $55, Marika

Have no doubt about it, this simple, high-performing style from Marika is about to become a new wardrobe staple.

So, what are you waiting for? Go forth, and be comfy!