16 Disney Channel Original Movie Songs You Loved As A Kid

Disney Channel

With the live-action version of Disney's Beauty and The Beast taking over the box office, I've been getting nostalgic about my teenage years. From the late '90s to then end of the '00s, my TV was constantly tuned to Disney Channel so I could catch a glimpse of all the original movies the network had in store — and especially the songs. Seriously, the Disney Channel Original Movies (DCOMs) had the best original songs, shown in everything from music videos to backstage video clips to dance scenes featured in almost every movie.

Even though the plots of these movies never changed all that much, you went into them knowing that for at least 90 minutes, you would be entertained by music and drama alike. Disney Channel really knew exactly how to make an experience out of their original content back in the day, and I think it is safe to say that Disney Channel Original Movies had some of the catchiest songs around. I'm not ashamed to admit that I still get a little happy reminiscing about the early '00s when I hear these songs play, especially one of these of Disney Channel Original Music favorites:

"Push It To the Limit" — Jump In

CorbinBleuVEVO on YouTube

Listen, this song will get you through a major workout. You will push yourself to the limits and still feel giddy while doing so. Disney knew exactly what they were doing when they made this song.

"Bet On It" — High School Musical 2

ZacEfron VEVO on YouTube

I don't know what is funnier: Zac Efron's facial expressions or his dance moves on the golf course.The actor gave his all in this scene, and High School Musical fans loved ever moment of it.

"More Than Me" — Stuck In The Suburbs

mactamus on YouTube

Taran Killam is now known for being on Saturday Night Live, but this takes me way back to the days when he was the lip-singing heartthrob Jordan Cahill,stuck in the suburbs.

"Cheetah Sisters" — The Cheetah Girls

Pocholy448VEVO on YouTube

This Cheetah Girls song is all about sisterhood and feminism.

"Get A Clue" — Get A Clue

letsgohawaii on YouTube

The title song for this movie was so catchy, it'll have you singing out loud.

"We're All In This Together" — High School Musical

97Shakiraforever97 on YouTube

This song was an anthem, a classic "team spirit" tune.

"What Dreams Are Made Of" — The Lizzie McGuire Movie

Yousif Anwar on YouTube

Hillary Duff's accent in this movie needed some work, but we can overlook that, since this is, well, what dreams are made of.

"Super Nova Girl" — Zenon: Girl Of The 21st Century

MoonLightS27 on YouTube

"Zoom, zoom, zoom. Make my heart go boom boom boom." This movie had me hoping the future 21st century would yield us space station homes and cool flying cars. Although, that hasn't happened yet, this song was still jamming.

"Amigas Cheetahs" — The Cheetah Girls

TheCheetahGirlsVEVO on YouTube

The Cheetah Girls dished out hit after hit for Disney Channel, including this one.

"We Rock" — Camp Rock

demilovatoproject on YouTube

This is where I learned how talented Demi Lovato is, and mixing her voice with the Jonas Brothers was so good.

"Get'cha Head In The Game" — High School Musical

HSMmusicvideosHD on YouTube

Another Efron classic. This song will snap you back into reality when you start second guessing yourself.

"Call Me, Beep Me" — Kim Possible

disneychannel on YouTube

Yes, we all loved the TV show, but the movie also was pure gold.

"Bringin The Noise" — The Other Me

o0Jahzara0o on YouTube

This dance scene had me thinking I could jump on school tables and dance... until my teacher stopped me.

"One in the Same" — Princess Protection Program

Kokym8 on YouTube

This is the ultimate BFF anthem for tweens.

"On the Ride" — Cow Belles

Daniela Berdia Pfeifer on YouTube

Being a Texan, I automatically love country music, so when Aly & AJ made this song, I was loving it. This song will make you cherish your bestie.

Make a playlist and let the Disney Channel reminiscing start.