15 Father's Day Gifts Your Foodie Dad Will Love


If your dad thinks of himself as a foodie, you're lucky: Shopping for a Father's Day gift for him is going to be a breeze. There are tons of Father's Day gifts for foodies that are both useful and won't break your budget to choose from, so it'll be so easy to impress your dad with an awesome gift that he'll be so excited to use.

Food is something most everyone loves, and I imagine there are a lot of dads out there who have always been into cooking — but being a foodie is on another level. It's about being extra with cooking and trying new foods. It's probably a combination of all the amazing food-centric shows on TV and futuristic appliances on the market right now influencing so many people to join the foodie world — that, and the fact that food is delish.

If you, too, enjoy working with food, getting your dad a gift that the two of you can use together will be a great excuse to spend quality time together. Instead of going out to eat for Father's Day, maybe you and your dad can put together a feast for your family with the help of your extra thoughtful gift. Here are a few of the most impressive foodie gifts that you'll want to get for your dad on Father's Day, Jun. 17:

A Wine Gift Box

A Blender

A Fancy Water Purifier

A Ravioli Shaper

A Kombucha Brewing Jar

A Wine Bottle Cooler

A Cute Beer Opener

A Cheese Of The Month Membership

A Bagel Kit

A Stovetop Clambake

A Paella Kit

A Chef's Knife

A Utility Apron

A Salt Stone

An Ice Cream Maker

A Fancy Pot Of Popcorn Salt