16 Father’s Day 2018 Gift Ideas For Foodies That You’ll Also Want To Buy For Yourself


If your dad thinks of himself as a foodie, you're lucky: Shopping for a Father's Day gift for him is going to be a breeze. There are tons of Father's Day gifts for foodies that are both useful and won't break your budget to choose from, so it'll be so easy to impress your dad with an awesome gift that he'll be so excited to use.

Food is something most everyone loves, and I imagine there are a lot of dads out there who have always been into cooking — but being a foodie is on another level. It's about being extra with cooking and trying new foods. It's probably a combination of all the amazing food-centric shows on TV and futuristic appliances on the market right now influencing so many people to join the foodie world — that, and the fact that food is delish.

If you, too, enjoy working with food, getting your dad a gift that the two of you can use together will be a great excuse to spend quality time together. Instead of going out to eat for Father's Day, maybe you and your dad can put together a feast for your family with the help of your extra thoughtful gift. Here are a few of the most impressive foodie gifts that you'll want to get for your dad on Father's Day, Jun. 17:

A Wine Gift Box

Father’s Day by Josh Cellars



Josh Cellars has partnered with Giftagram to curate the perfect little gift box that dad didn't know he needed. Each gift box features a bottle of Josh Cellar’s newly released Paso Robles Cabernet Sauvignon and a few other products that he'll be excited to use.

A Blender

NutriBullet Balance, Bluetooth Enabled Smart Blender



If your dad isn't yet smoothie obsessed, he will be once he has this super easy to use blender. Next time you go to visit him, expect to be served his own special smoothie recipe.

A Fancy Water Purifier

Brita Medium 8 Cup Infinity Smart Water Pitcher and Filter



Upgrade your dad's water game by getting him a Brita filter and jug that holds enough water to last through the day and doesn't make the process of filtering water complicated.

A Ravioli Shaper

Fante's Grandpa Dante's Ravioli Form


Bed Bath & Beyond

Pasta-making is so much fun. Get your dad this simply ravioli form and the two of you can whip up a pasta feast for the whole family in no time.

A Kombucha Brewing Jar

The Kombucha Brewing Jar



If your dad isn't into Kombucha yet, he definitely will be once he starts brewing his own. This kit makes it really simple to ferment your own tea. Your dad will love playing with the flavors and perfecting his own brand.

A Wine Bottle Cooler

Marble & Brass Single Bottle Wine Cooler



Never has a wine cooler looked so chic. This portable bottle chiller will look classy on the table and will keep your dads white wine and rose as crisp as it gets.

A Cute Beer Opener

Kikkerland Design Dog Bottle Opener


Bed Bath & Beyond

I'm sure your dad has a bottle opener, but does he have one that's this cute? I didn't think so.

A Cheese Of The Month Membership

Cheese of the Month Club


Murray's Cheese Shop

Every month, your dad will get three different carefully curated cheeses that will show up on his door step. Yes, this is a dream come true.

A Bagel Kit

Everything Bagel & Cream Cheese Making Kit


Farm Steady

This is quite possibly the best Father's Day brunch activity that you could possibly get into. This kit makes a dozen bagels and fresh cream cheese.

A Stovetop Clambake

Stovetop Clambake Set


Lobster Place

Your dad can cook up an entire clambake from the stove with this kit. All of the little culinary details are included to make this totally professional and delicious.

A Paella Kit

Spanish Paella Gift Set in Paella Pan


Williams Sonoma

This epic pan will hold enough paella to feed your entire family, and then some. The whole process of cooking paella is an exciting experience that's great for a family to do together. Perhaps these are your Father's Day dinner plans?

A Chef's Knife

Global G-2-8 inch, 20cm Chef's Knife



Every chef needs a fancy sharp knife. If your dad already has a knife collection in the kitchen, this will be the perfect impressive addition. And if he hasn't yet started a collection, this will be a great and dynamic first fancy knife to have around.

A Utility Apron

Cathy's Concepts Apron



If your dad isn't into aprons, this apron will make the cut. It's a utility apron that he can use while working with messy things, in the yard, or food things.

A Salt Stone

Cuisinart CSP-128 Himalayan Salt Grilling Stone, Pink



Salt stones are a must-have in any foodies' kitchen. They add a delicate and refined salty flavor to anything you cook on them, and plus, they look pretty.

An Ice Cream Maker

Zoku Ice Cream Maker


Williams Sonoma

This is magic, literally. This bowl turns your homemade ice cream base into soft serve ice cream right before your eyes. Buy this for your dad, but also for yourself.

A Fancy Pot Of Popcorn Salt

Regalis Black Truffle Popcorn Salt


Williams Sonoma

Family movie time is about to get a lot more delicious. Show your dad that you think he's amazing by getting him something as chic and decadent as a truffle popcorn salter! But then eat all the truffle popcorn.